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Control Systems Laboratory

The Control Systems Laboratory, part of the Electrical Engineering department at NUST-SEECS, emphasizes on design and implementation of control systems theory. The lab facilitates the study of modern and classical control analysis and design techniques including: Z-transform analysis, discrete state variable analysis, discrete estimation techniques, error analysis of discrete systems, system representation via transfer function and state variables, root locus analysis, Bode analysis, feedback control analysis and design, sensitivity analysis, compensation design via root locus, compensation design via frequency response methods, observability and controllability.


1. National Instruments LabVIEW

2. MathWorks MATLAB


1. Digital Multimeter HM8012

2. Function Generator 10 MHz HM8030-6

3. Dual Power Supply HM8040-2

4. Digital Oscilloscopes 100MHz HM1008-2

5. Servo Fundamentals Trainer 33-001-USB

6. Single Conveyor PLC Application 34-100

7. Digital Pendulum System 33-005-PCI

8. Magnetic Levitation System 33-006-PCI

9. NI ELVIS/ Quanser DC Motor Control Bundle 779893-01

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