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Industrial Collaborations

SEECS Industry Linkages 

On the domestic front, SEECS has been quite successful, as one of the pioneers, in knitting industry and academia into a meaningful partnership and working in tandem on several practical ideas for the mutual benefit.  This has helped them jointly propel the dormant conditions of our technology and engineering education centres. SEECS-Corporate Advisory Council that meets biannually to exchange views with industry representatives is gradually evolving into a vibrant forum of close interaction. This has greatly facilitated the two sides to share very valuable inputs from each other and devise improved strategies to achieve the goals of academia-industry partnership. SEECS industry linkages have recently been extended overseas and a handful of projects have already been commenced in collaboration with US companies.

Our Industry Collaborations include: 

  • Microsoft (Pakistan)
  • CISCO (Pakistan)
  • IBM Corporation (Pakistan)
  • NESCOM (National Engineering and Scientific Commission)
  • Teradata (Pakistan)
  • TPL Trakker Pvt Ltd.
  • Sky Electric Pvt Ltd. 
  • PLUMgrid Inc. California, USA
  • TransfoPower Pvt Ltd.
  • German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI), Germany
  • Neuropsychology Lab, Germany
  • Elecro Mechanica Pvt Ltd
  • Capital Group of Companies Ltd.
  • Document Diver, USA 
  • SciFlair Research Labs, UK
  • SeaGIS Pvt Ltd,Australia
  • Novapex Technologies Inc
  • Aarz Media Pvt. Ltd.
  • Creatrixe Pvt. Ltd.
  • Re-Engineering with Research (RWR) Ltd.
  • Huawei (Pakistan)
  • Hiveworx Pvt Ltd.
  • Ortoo Ltc.
  • Centre for Economic Research in Pakistan (CERP)
  • Acrux Technologies
  • Bitsym Pvt Ltd
  • NaqtaSol
  • Channab Faislabad
  • National Agriculture Research Centre (NARC)
  • Pakistan Council of Research for Water Resources (PCRWR)
  • Open Air Interface, France
  • Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Center, Pakistan
  • K-Electric
  • NRTC