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Welcome to SEECS

In the current age of rapid progress, only those fired with a passion to excel can aspire for a respectable survival. We at NUST-SEECS are committed to provide world class education and research opportunities in Pakistan. The School offers postgraduate and undergraduate programmes covering the disciplines of electrical engineering, software engineering and computer science. These programmes blending digital systems, communication technologies, power and control systems, Artificial Intelligence, data science, information security, robotics,  and other information retrieving/processing tools equip our students with the requisite know-how for solving real-life problems and coping with the challenges of the professional world ahead.

We lay great emphasis on emerging, interdisciplinary, cutting-edge areas of research. Our faculty members are admirably engaged in interdisciplinary research projects of substance. The Institute is ideally suited for those aspiring to pursue research in diverse hi-tech areas, such as Machine learning, Big data, E-health, Networking Technologies, E-commerce technologies, Communication systems engineering and kindred fields.

We cherish to develop the School into an icon of excellence of world stature, and our endeavours are making promising headways. We are privileged to educate and groom on our campus some of the best and brightest students from the entire spectrum of the population including expatriates. We are proud to employ top of the line faculty with impressive academic credentials and progressive vision.

I am confident that our high-tech degree programmes and courses will contribute a great deal towards enhancing the nation’s indigenous capabilities for self-sufficiency in the critical fields of science and technology.

I cordially invite you to consider embarking on your professional studies at our purpose-built campus at the heart of Islamabad.

Dr Osman Hasan
Principal & Dean
NUST School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (SEECS)