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Excelling Impressions with Adnan Shahid and Tariq Amin

Learning the art of Communication

A workshop was held at the School of Chemical and Materials Engineering (SCME) on April 8, focusing on development of effective communication skills in students from all over Islamabad. It aimed to help develop skills in the attendees, which would enable them to leave lasting impressions, effectively pitch new ideas and to be generally more confident in their speech. Mr. Adnan Shahid, the CIO of Ideogeny and the COO of Branding Bees and a well renowned stylist, Tariq Amin were invited as the chief guest.

He has a Masters in Innovation and Global Leadership from the prestigious MIT Sloan School of Management. He has also held leadership positions at many esteemed organizations like Mobilink, CA, Premier Oil and NADRA. TMr. Shahid has been a motivational speaker for a long time, and has conducted many workshops on communication skills and professional ethics. Additionally, he has also held leadership positions at many esteemed organizations like Mobilink, CA, Premier Oil and NADRA.

The attendees were also provided with the opportunity to learn how to dress appropriately and groom themselves for various occasions by the famous hairstylist, Mr. Tariq Ameen. In a gathering of engineers and professionals Mr. Ameen introduced the audience to fresh ideas regarding “fashion” and “style”.

Both the speakers involved the audience in a fun interactive session. The workshop took off with an activity to identify the student’s expectations from the workshop. Students were taught effective communication techniques, lunch/dinner etiquettes, how to dress in professional meetings and gatherings.

Mr. Shahid stressed that the students need to create a brand power for themselves using these effective means of communication. He stressed on the importance of “credibility” and “fairness” in developing a personality, which would ensure success for its owner.

“Excelling Impressions” was an initiative of the NUST Science Society aimed at aiding in the development of the ever important “soft skills”. When it comes to developing a successful career, these skills are believed to be even more important than the technical skills, which are focused on in universities.