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Faculty Projects
​Name ​Designation ​Project Name Funded
​Dr. Mohammad Mujahid

Dean/ Principal

​Metallurgy Heat Treatment Materials Characterization Mechanical Testing ​Not yet
​Dr. Muhammad Shahid ​HoD ​Corrosion Failure analysis at ICI Soda Ash, Khewra ​Not yet
​Dr. Nasir Mehmood Ahmad ​Assoc. Prof. ​British Petroleum & Anti-Corrosion Ploymer Coating SNGPL & Anti-Corrosion Polymer Plastic Pipes for has fame port ​Not yet
​Dr. Amir Habib ​AP

​Fabrication and Characterization of Polymer solar cells.
Ploymer Nano Composite Materials, Synthesis of Nano fibers & their Composites for application in Energy Sector.

​Not yet
​Dr. Haris Masood Ansari ​AP ​Thin Films Deposition and Characterization self. Assembly on surfaces ​No.
​Dr. Khurram Yaqoob ​AP ​Determination of higher order phase diagrams of refractors metals ​No.
​Dr. Israr Ahmad ​AP ​Synthesis of Nanostructures Characterization, Applications in the field of Green Photonics -