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Dr. Khurram Yaqoob
Assistant Professor
Materials Engineering Department

National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST)
H12, Islamabad.
Tel :  


PhD. in Materials Science, Université Paris Est, France.

Dr. Khurram Yaqoob has received his Bachelor of Metallurgical and Material Engineering degree from University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore, in 2007. Soon after, he was selected by Higher Education Commission of Pakistan for MS Leading to PhD studies from France. He completed his MS in Materials Science from Université Paul Sabatier Toulouse III, France, in 2009, and PhD degree in Materials Science from Université Paris Est, France, in 2012. The PhD research work of Dr. Khurram Yaqoob was dedicated to the experimental determination and thermodynamic modeling of refractory metals phase diagrams. During his PhD, he determined experimental ternary phase diagram of the Mo-Ni-Re system at 1200°C as well as at 1600°C, along with some corrections in its constituent binary (Ni-Re, Mo-Ni and Mo-Re) phase diagrams. In addition to the phase equilibria investigations, he also worked on characterization of intermetallic compounds and thermodynamic modeling of the studied systems with the help of the CALPHAD method.  The results of his PhD research work were presented at different international conferences (XL CALPHAD, XLI CALPHAD, JEEP, SCTE) and published in refereed international impact factor journals (Inorganic Chemistry, Journal of Solid State Chemistry, Journal of Alloys and Compounds, Intermetallics, CALPHAD). After successful completion of his PhD degree, Dr. Khurram Yaqoob has joined Department of Materials Engineering, SCME- NUST as Assistant Professor on May 29, 2013.

  • HEA development for high temperature applications
  • Experimental determination of phase diagrams
  • Thermodynamic modelling of multicomponent systems using the CALPHAD method
  • Crystallographic study of intermetallic compounds
  • K. Yaqoob, J.-C Crivello, and J.-M. Joubert, “Comparison of the site occupancies determined by combined Rietveld refinement and density functional theory calculations: example of the ternary Mo−Ni−Re σ phase”, Inorganic Chemistry, vol. 51, no. 5, pp. 3071 – 3078, February 2012.
  • K. Yaqoob and J.-M. Joubert, “Experimental determination and thermodynamic modeling of the Ni-Re binary system”, Journal of solid state chemistry, vol. 196, pp. 320 – 325, July 2012.
  • K. Yaqoob and J.-M. Joubert, “Experimental investigation of the Mo-Ni-Re system”, Journal of alloys and compounds, 559 (2013), 101 - 111.
  • K. Yaqoob, L. Guénée, R. Černý, and J.-M. Joubert, “A modulated structure derived from the s phase in the Mo-Ni-Re system”, Intermetallics, 37 (2013), 42 - 45.
  • Mathieu, N. Dupin, J.-C. Crivello, K. Yaqoob, A. Breidi, J.-M. Fiorani, N. David, J.-M. Joubert, “CALPHAD description of the Mo–Re system focused on the sigma phase modeling”, CALPHAD: Computer Coupling of Phase Diagrams and Thermochemistry, 43 (2013),18–31.

    • MSE 221 Materials Thermodynamics and Kinetics
    • MSE 222 Phase Transformation and Equilibria
    • MSE 474 Thermal and Mechanical Treatment of Surfaces
    • MSE 812 Phase Transformation and Microstructures