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General Purpose Lab

Department of Electrical Engineering

Lab Facilities

The following Labs have been established and are managed by Electrical Engineering Department.

Teaching Labs

  • Analog Electronics Teaching Lab
  • Digital Systems Teaching lab
  • Embedded Systems and Microprocessor Teaching Lab
  • Control Systems Teaching Lab
  • Electro-Mechanical Systems Teaching Lab

Research Labs

  • Electronics Systems Design and Automation (ESDA) Research Lab
    • Applied Electronics Research Lab
    • Nano-Technology Research Lab
    • Control Systems Research Lab
    • Embedded Systems Research Lab
    • Microwave Research Lab
    • Antenna Testing Lab
    • EMC / EMI Lab
    • IP Technology centre of excellence
    • CoNNekT lab: Research Laboratory of Communications, Networks and Multimedia at NUST
    • Wisnet Lab •CEFAR Lab
    • DSP/Communication Lab
    • Microwave and Antenna Lab