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Center of excellence for IP technologies

​The Center of Excellence for IP Technologies, being jointly managed by PTCL, NUST and Cisco Systems in collaboration, is currently operational at the NUST campus in Islamabad. The center brings to one forum the expertise of global networking market leader Cisco, the top ranked Pakistani engineering university, NUST, and the biggest telecom service provider in Pakistan, PTCL.

The center aims to strengthen industry-academia linkages and promote international collaboration, and has broadly two goals:

1. Providing a world-class research and development (R&D) facility where Pakistani researchers will work, in collaboration with Cisco and PTCL engineers, on significant contemporary IP technology problems;

2. Providing a diagnostic and training facility to PTCL and Cisco, in particular, and to the local networking industry in general.

While the research workforce for the center will be provided by NUST, the thematic directions of research areas would be decided by NUST, PTCL and Cisco in collaboration. By involving the leading market vendor (Cisco), and leading national telecom service providers (PTCL), the center of excellence is well-positioned to tackle significant IP technology problems and to create new products/ services.

Ongoing research projects :


​1. Context-aware IPTV services;
2. Routing in cognitive radio networks.
Some proposed projects:
1. Innovative VoIP applications using open-source Asterisk and similar software;
2. Novel IPTV applications/ services using MythTV and other open-source IPTV supporting software;
3. New routing/ switching algorithms using Vyatta open-source linux -based router;
4. Implementation of networking algorithms for wireless networks using simulation tools (such as NS-2).
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Research members:

  • Dr. Junaid Qadir (Lab director);
  • Dr. Adeel Baig (Co-director);
  • Dr. Anjum Naveed .
  •  Research students:

  • Muhammad Usman (BICSE-3);
  • Nabeel ur Rehman (BICSE-3);
  • Muhammad Zeeshan (BICSE-3).
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    We are currently selecting good students, with good networking background/ experience, as research assistants for the center. Interested students should send their CV, complete with all related courses, projects and experiences, to me through email before 9 th January, 2009 to be considered.

    Activities to date:


    The center organized an `IP technology networking workshop'' that was jointly conducted by NUST-SEECS, Islamabad, and KICS-UET, Lahore. The workshop, funded by National ICT R&D fund, was successful in getting local researchers, active in the area of IP technology, to brainstorm and develop abstract future research proposals. The following areas were identified during the workshop as future core research areas for the center:
    1. Network security;
    2. Next generation networks;
    3. Routing and switching issues;
    4. Network performance evaluation
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    A virtual online forum gathering together Pakistani researchers active in the area of IP technology research was created for the ``IP technology workshop''. The yahoo-group serves as an interface between researchers active in our subject area, and can be accessed at
    Forthcoming activities:
    The center will organize a workshop on the state of art of IPTV technology. This workshop is tentatively slotted for the last week of January, 2009 . The speakers list would include IPTV experts from PTCL and NUST researchers actively working in the IPTV area.