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Polymers and Composites


 Polymers are an important category of materials replacing conventional materials in almost all fields of engineering applications. Being lightweight and with ease of processing, demand of polymers is increasing day by day. Also, new formulations and combinations are being explored to make further improvement in properties. Development of composites is also a dimension in which polymers have played a vital role. Combining metals, ceramics and polymers with other hard materials in the form of particulate, continuous and discontinuous fibers is a useful mean of enhancing properties of the matrices.

Group Members

  • Dr. Nasir Mehmood Ahmad (Focal Person)
  • Dr. Muhammad Shahid
  • Dr. Malik Adeel Umer​
  • Dr. Ahmed Nawaz Khan
  • Dr. Ahmed Umar Munawar
  • Research Facilities Available

    High speed mixer, polymer extruder, GPC (Gel permeation chromatography), Melt flow index, injection moulding, optical profilometer, 20 kN universal testing machine for polymers and polymeric composites, Scanning electron microscope, atomic force microscope, TGA, DTA etc.


  • Modeling and simulation of natural rubber base nano-composites for development of Auxetic materials.
  • Development of EPDM-carbon black nano-composites with negative Poisson’s ratio.
  • Development of SBR-carbon nano-composites for homeland security applications.
  • Indigenous development of SBR polymer.
  • Development of rubber lined rolls for rice husking.
  • Development, Fabrication and Characterization of Auxetic Materials based on Sponge EPDM (Ethylene-Propylene Rubbers and Elastomers) for application in Homeland Securiy.
  • Effect of Changing Fabrication Conditions and Consequently studying Mechanical Behavior of Polymer based Auxetic Mateirals and its Characterization. M. Tanweer Khan
  • Development and Characterization of Anodic Oxide layer Aluminum Alloys at Various Temperatures and Different Time Duration and Voltages. Hammad Abdul Haseeb
  • Collaborations

    • KRL
    • Institute of research promotion, Lahore.

    Relevant Publications

  • M A Bashir, M Shahid, R A Alvi and A G Yahya, “Effect of carbon black on curing behavior, mechanical properties and viscoeleastic behavior of natural sponge rubber based nano composites”, Key Engineering Materials, Vols.510-511, (2012) pp.532-539.
  • M. Arshad Bashir, M. Shahid, R.A.Alvi, , A.G.Yahya, “Development of Sponge Structure in Natural Rubber Effect of Carbon Black on Curing Behaviour, Mechanical Characteristics and visco-elastic nature of Natural Rubber Based Nano-Composites”, ISAM 2011.
  • M.A.Bashir, Quratulain, M.Shahid, A.R.Alvi, A.Riaz Ahmed, “Effect of carbon black on curing and mechanical properties of sponge EPDM-based nano-composites”, Submitted to Journal of polymers & composites.
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    Key Words

    Natural rubber, SBR, EPDM, Nano-composites, Auxetic materials, Poisson’s ratio

    Focal Person:

    Dr. Nasir Mehmood Ahmad

    School of Chemical and Materials Engineering (SCME), NUST

    H-12 Islamabad, Pakistan, Telephone: 0092-051-90855213

    Email Address: