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Biomaterial is any matter, surface, or device that interacts with biological systems. The study of biomaterials has experienced steady growth over the last five decades, with many companies investing large amounts of money into the development of new products. Biomaterials science encompasses elements of medicine, biology, chemistry, tissue engineering and materials science.​

Biomaterials can be derived either from nature or synthesized in the laboratory using a variety of chemical approaches utilizing metallic, ceramics or polymeric constituents. They are often used and/or adapted for a medical application, and thus comprise whole or part of a living structure or biomedical device which performs, augments, or replaces a natural function. Such functions may be benign, like being used for a heart valve, or may be bioactive with a more interactive functionality such as hydroxyapatite coated hip implants. Biomaterials are also used every day in dental applications, surgery, and drug delivery. For example, a device with impregnated pharmaceutical products can be placed into the body, which permits the prolonged release of a drug over an extended period of time. A biomaterial may also be an autograft, allograft or xenograft used as a transplant material.

Group Members​
  • Dr. Usman Liaqat​ (Focal Person)
  • Dr. Mohammad Mujahid
  • Dr. Khurram Yaqoob

Research Facilities Available

  • Nanomaterials synthesis lab (fume hood, drying ovens, centrifuges, rotary evaporator, magnetic hot plates, spray dryer, furnaces, etc).



  • Marmara University, Istanbul, Turkey
  • NUMS and ASAB, NUST, 
  • Advanced Materials Technologies (AMTech), Islamabad
  • IBGE


  • Successful synthesis of nano HA powders at low temperatures and reduced cost for use as synthetic bone grafting material.
  • Scaffolds and porous granules developed for bone grafting.
  • HA thin coatings with ceramic buffer layer developed for metallic implants.
  • Surface modifications of polymer surface by laser ablution for culture of mammalian cells.
  • Publications

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  • Keywords

    Biomaterials, nanomaterials, hydroxyapatite, bone grafting, nano composites, scaffolds, tissue engineering, bio-active materials, bio-inert coatings.

    Contact of Focal Person

    Dr. Usman Liaqat

    School of Chemical and Materials Engineering (SCME), NUST

    H-12 Islamabad, Pakistan, Telephone: 0092-051-90855223

    Email Address: