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Student Projects

​Serial No. ​Supervisor Name ​Email
​ ​ ​
​> ​Dr. Arshad Hussain ​
​ ​Project Name ​Group Members
​1 ​Recovery & reuse of CO2 from flue gas stream of boilers ​Asif Yasir
​M. AbuBakr Khalid
​Faisal Iqbal
​2 ​Optimization of Urea process vent and remediation of existing complications ​Shahroz Zameer Ansari
​Maria Khan
​Bilal Farooq
​3 ​Designing of organic and ammonia rankine cycle and selection on the basis of economics and efficiency. ​Yalmaz Akhtar
​Uzair Qureshi
​Anas bin Ashraf
​4 ​Nitrogen removal from natural gas through cryogenic process. ​Hassan Nadeem
​> ​Dr. Arshad Chughtai ​
Project Name​ ​ ​Group Members
​1 ​Designing a flare gas recovery (FGR) system at Dakhni Gas and Condensate Processing Plant ​Minahil Khan
​Syed Hamad Shah Andrabi
​Saqib Afzal Khan
​2 ​Design an adequately sized saturator along with all auxiliary setup and define the economics of the new unit. ​Qasim Ali
​Bilal Abdullah
​Usama bin Zahid
​3 ​Incorporating an adiabatic pre-reformer. ​Muhammad Aqib
​Hafiz Muhammad Abdullah
​Mirza Muhammad Jamal
​> ​Dr. Bilal Khan Niazi ​
​ ​Project Name ​Group Members
​1 ​Recovery of natural gas through hybrid process ​Haashir Altaf
​Hammad Ahmed
​Usman Saleem
​> ​Dr. Erum Pervaiz ​
Project Name​ ​ ​Group Members
​1 ​Removal of grid from lime ​Maham Fatima
​Ubaidullah Khalid
​Raamis Abdul Razzaque
​2 ​Waste water treatment containing high amounts of sulphates and ammonia ​Mehwish Akhlaq
​Sania Ijaz
​Usman Ghafoor
​3 ​Develop a technique for organic waste composting at Engro  (details will be provided separately) ​Ahsun Ali
​Abdullah Butt
​Waqas Ahmed Siddiqui
​> ​Dr. Wasif Farooq ​
Project Name​ ​ ​Group Members
​1 ​Methanol recovery from ammonia waste water stream ​Hifza Inam
​Sadaf Rashid
​Sanaullah Qamar
​2 ​Calcium chloride recovery from distiller blow off ​Rao Junaid
​M. Yousuf Mehmood
​Hira Usman
​3 ​Designing of Ammonia Recovery Unit and to suggest the best available option from the two technologies for HRU based on economic analysis ​Zarqoon Mumtaz
​Usman Ali Khan
​Ehtisham Khattak
​> ​Dr. Salman Raza Naqvi ​
​ ​Project Name ​Group Members
​1 ​Ammonia plant HTER (Helchor Topsee Exchange Reformer) ​Ayesha Azmat
​Usama Riasat
​Zarrar Salahuddin