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Faculty Projects
​Name Designation ​Project Name Funded
Dr. Arshad Hussain ​HoD ​Co2 Capture from natural gas and flue gases by membranes. ​Yes
Dr. Habib Nasir ​FP ​Resochem. Water & Un protection of Sports Fabric ​-
​Dr. Muhammad Bilal Khan Niazi ​AP ​Biodegradable polymers enhance oil recovery Food packaging films ​Not Yet
​Ms. Monazza Sarwar ​Lec. ​Interested in polymer nano composites polymeric membranes ​-
​Ms. Mehwish Batool ​Lec. ​Membranes synthesis & Characterization of PN-PVA-PEG memberrances for H2o Treatment application R.O ​-