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Dr. Sarah Farrukh
Assistant Professor
Chemical Engineering Department

National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST)
H12, Islamabad.
Tel :  

Membrane gas separation and adsorption, Polymers, Physics, Propulsion, Computational Analysis.

PhD, National university of Sciences and Technology.

  • ​Sarah Farrukh received her PhD in Energetic Materials Engineering from the National University of Sciences and Technology, MS in Energetic Materials Engineering from National University of Sciences and Technology and MSc in Physics from Quaid-i-Azam University Islamabad.

  • She has teaching and research experience while working as PhD student and temporary visiting faculty at School of Chemical and Material Engineering, National University of Sciences and Technology.

  • She has visited  Institute of Materials and  Processes, University of Edinburgh, Scotland and has worked in the labs  of Dr. Xian Feng Fan  and Dr. Claudia Martin Fernandez for six months.

  • Her current research work involves projects like CO2 capture from polymeric membranes, gas adsorption study in membranes. Dr. Sarah Farrukh has published 11 papers in refereed international journals and conference proceedings.
  • ​CO2 capture using polymeric membranes

  • CO2 adsorption using membranes

  • Research on mix matrix membrane

  • Research on Cavitands.
  • ​Sarah F, Arshad H, Nadeem I, Fabrication and characterization of microfiltration blended membranes, Desalination and water treatment. 52(10-12) 1833-1840;2014.

  • Sarah F, Fozia T. M, Arshad H, Shahabuddin M, M. I. Bhanger and Mujahid. Preparation, Characterization and Applicability of Novel Calix [4]arene Based Cellulose  acetate Membrane in Gas Permeation. Journal of Applied Polymer Science. 131(6) 39985; 2014.

  • Sarah F, Sofia J, Arshad H and Muhammad M. Blending of TiO2 nanoparticles with cellulose acetate polymer: to study the effect on morphology and gas permeation of blended membranes. Asia-Pacific Journal of Chemical Engineering. 9 (4)543-551; 2014.

  • Sarah F, Fozia T. M, Arshad H, Muhammad M, Fabrication, characterization and CO2/N2 gas permeance study of Novel blended membrane. International Journal of Global Warming. 7(4); 2015.

  • Sarah H, X. Fan, Arshad H, C. F. Martín. CO2 adsorption using TiO2 composite     polymeric membranes: A kinetic study. Journal of Environmental Sciences.35, 163-171; 2015.

  • Sarah H, X. Fan, Arshad H, A kinetic study of CO2 adsorption in cellulose acetate membranes. IJESD. 6 (10) 755-759; 2015.

  • Fozia T M, Sarah F, Arshad H, Muhammad Mujhaid. Comparison of silica and novel functionalized silica based cellulose acetate hybrid membranes in gas permeation study. Journal of Polymer Research .22 (4) 1-13; 2015.

  • Arshad, Sarah F, Fozia T. Two stage membrane system for post combustion CO2 capture. Energy & Fuels. 29 (10) 6664-6669; 2015.

  • Muhammad A, Sarah F. A new type shooting method for nonlinear     boundary value problems. Alexandria Engineering Journal. 52 (4) 801-805; 2013.

  • Sarah F, Muhammad B. Mitigation of slivers using a new propellant grain design to improve propulsion systems. Aviation. 16 (3) 76-83; 2012.

  • Hizba W, Arshad H, Sarah F. Fabrication, Characterization and permeation study of ultrafiltration membranes: glucose absorption membranes. (in press).
​Course Code Subject​
​PHY-101 ​Physics
​EME-803 ​Ballistics
​EME-809 ​Combustion and Propulsion