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Thermodynamics Laboratory

 List of Experiments

1.    Determination of Power Input, heat Output of co-efficient of performance.
2.    Production of heat pump performance curves over a range of source and delivery temperature.
3.    Production of vapor compression cycle on P-h diagram and energy balance study.
4.    Production of heat pump performance curves over a range of evaporation and condensation temperatures.
5.    Estimation of the effect of compressor pressure ratio on volumetric efficiency.
6.    Investigate adiabatic compression and expansion by Performing the experiment slowly, in incremental steps.
7.    Investigate adiabatic compression and expansion by performing the experiment Fast, in incremental steps.
8.    Recording the steam pressure curve for steam power plant.
9.     Determination of the fuel consumption rate and power supplied by the fuel
10.    Determination of amount of steam, steam power output and boiler efficiency.
11.     Determination of efficiency of solar energy demonstrator.
12.    Demonstration of cooling cycle by compression of vapor cycle of heat pump.
13.    Relation between pressure and temperature for refrigeration cycle.
14.    Effect of evaporation and condensation temperatures in the cooling rate and in the heat transfer at the condenser.