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Polymer Lab
List of Equipments in Polymer Lab

Sr.#​ ​Equipment name Model Number​ Specifications​ ​Purpose of use
1​​ ​TG/DTA ​Diamond TG/DTA Pyris 1​ ​Heating rate: 0.01 -1000C/min
Temp range: Ambient -15000C
​Used to determine Thermal and kinetic properties of sample
2​ ​Bomb Calorimeter ​Koehler K88890 ​Measurement range: max. 40,000 J
Isoperibolic (isothermal) 25°C
Isoperibolic (Isothermal) 30°C
​To determine the enthalpy of combustion of hydrocarbons and solid fuels (coal).
3​ ​Gel Permeation Chromatography ​VE-2001 GPC max ​2501 UV detector
TDA 302 triple array detector
Omni Software
​Polymer characterization.
Molecular weight calculation
​4 ​Rheometer ​Reologia ​Elevated temperature cell
UV cell
Pressure Cell
​Calculation of viscosity of polymer
Rheology study of polymers.​