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Fluid Mechanics Laboratory

List of Experiments

•    Calibration of Rotameter with respect to electromagnetic flow meter
•    To study different types of valves and flow through them
•    To find pressure drop across different flow meters i.e. orifice meter, venture meter and flow nozzle
•    To find the pressure drop across different pipe fittings and bends
•    To measure friction loss across pipe fittings
•    To find pressure drop on sudden contraction & expansion for different flow meters and find out the Reynold’s number for each flow
•    To find the exact section of venturi tube
•    Demonstration of Bernoulli’s theorem at convergent  and divergent position
•    Observation of difference between the convergent and divergent position
•    Determination of Drag coefficient for smooth spheres
•    Determination of the viscosity of a liquid by measuring the terminal velocity of spheres falling through the liquids
•    To find the relationship between the drag coefficient of freely  falling sphere in a column of liquid and Reynold’s number
•    To plot the sphere of a free vortex by measurement of surface profile co-ordinates
•    To find the relation between surface profile and total head
•    To plot the surface profiles of various forced vortices formed under different speed conditions
•    To calculate the minimum fluidizing velocity, terminal velocity and pressure drop
•    To observe and compare the difference of the movement of solids between the solid –liquid and solid –gas fluidization