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Chemistry Laboratory


The lab contains balances, melting point apparatus, Refractometers, Polarimeter and distillation equipment. The experiments include organic reactions, synthesis, analysis, separation and identification of compounds. Students characterize their products using the UV, FT- infrared and mass spectrometers.

List of Equipments in Chemistry Labs

​S.No ​Equipment Name ​Model ​Manufacturer ​Purpose
​1 ​Flame Photometer ​S20-4 ​Spectrolab ,U.K ​Flame analysis of Na, K, Li & Ca in liquid samples. Unit: ppm
2​ ​UV-Visible Spectrophotometer ​UV-1900 ​BMS, Canada ​Finding λmax & determine the un known concentrations and  finding the Impurities in liquid solutions etc
​3 ​Refractometer ​Dr-A1 ​ATAGO, Japan ​Finding Refractive index of Liquids, membranes, thin sheet, films & polymers, Brix Scale of sugar solutions.
​4 ​Rotary Evaporator ​Laborota Efficient 4000 ​HEIDOLPH, Germany ​Extraction of two or more solvents at various boiling temperatures.
​5 ​pH Meter ​Mi-160 ​Martini Instruments, Italy ​Finding pH of acidic, basic & neutral solutions from 0-14
​6 ​Laboratory Oven 108 lit ​UNE-500 ​Memert, Germany ​Heating and drying of samples up to 300C°, Capacity 108 Lit
​7 ​Conductivity Meter ​4510 ​JENWAY,U.K ​Conductivity and TDS of Liquids units : µs, mg/lit
​8 ​Melting Point Apparatus ​SMP3 ​STUART, U.K ​Melting point of samples up to 360 C°
​9 ​Visco Meter ​DV-E,DV II+Pro ​Brook Field,U.K ​Viscosity of Newtonian & Non-Newtonian fluids in cP, Shear rate & Shear stress in a liquids