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Chemical Analysis Laboratory


Chemical Analysis lab is equipped with various state-of-art research equipment. The main focus of this lab is on the characterization of Chemicals and Materials, and separation techniques i.e. spectroscopy and chromatography. The lab is equipped with

  • Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry
  • High-performance liquid chromatography
  • Fourier transform infrared spectrometer
  • Elemental Analyzer
  • Micro calorimeter

    The laboratory provides the facilities to the other disciplines of the university as well.

    List of Equipments in Chemical Analysis Lab
    Sr.#​ Equipment name​ Model Number Specifications​ Purpose of use​
    ​1 ​FTIR ​Spectrum 100 (Perkin Elmer)
    ​Frequency range 350-7800 cm-1
    Resolution 0.5 cm
    ​To identify functional groups
    To gather information about chemical bonds and molecular structure of a material.
    ​2 ​HPLC ​Perkin Elmer Series 200
    ​Max operating pressure: 6200 psi
    Flow rate: 0.1 – 10ml/min
    Packing material: Octadecylsilane  C18
    ​Qualitative analysis
    Quantitative analysis
    Purification of components
    3​ ​GC/MS ​Clarus 500 Mass Spectrometer
    ​Mass range: 1-1200 amu
    Source temp: 1200C -3500C
    ​For the identification of unknown organic samples.
    ​4 ​Elemental Analyzer ​EuroVector Euro EA 3000
    ​Temp range: upto 1100°C
    GC oven: 40-190°C
    ​Gas needed: He 99.995%, O2 99.998%
    ​For determination of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, sulfur and oxygen content in organic and other types of materials.
    ​5 ​Micro Calorimeter ​TAM-III, 4 Channel
    ​15°C -150°C
    Thermostat capability 0.0001°C
    ​To measure reaction kinetics, thermal properties and aging of organic/inorganic samples.
    6​ ​VOD Meter ​Explomet-fo-2000
    ​Operating temp 0-50○C
    Plastic fiber cable- core 1mm diameter; jacket 2.2mm diameter
    Detonating velocity up to 10000 m/s
    Time interval up to 0.1 microsecond to 10 Seconds
    ​Determine the efficiency of blast performed.
    Velocity of detonation helps to find strength and performance of the explosive