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Clubs & Societies

Chimaera - SCME Student Magazine

SCME holds the distinction of being the first school to publish “Chimaera” (student magazine) in its first year of undergraduate induction. ‘Chimaera’ is a bilingual (English and Urdu) annual publication.

Literary and Debating Society

The society caters for events including literary thirst of students through organisation of debates, declamations, essay competitions, elocutions, and mushaira on regular basis.

Khayal - The Caring Society

The society spreads the message of care and share, and actively organises awareness campaigns, guest speaker sessions, field trips, fund-raising activities, quiz competitions, walks and workshops of mutual interests.

NUST Science Society

NUST Science Society is a central NUST society, hosted by SCME. It organises interactions with top-class Pakistani and foreign scientists and caters for events / activities of scientific nature. Astronomy night, Project / Industrial Expo, Sytek are some of the events on its calendar.

NUST Book Club

NUST Book Club is a central NUST society, hosted by SCME. It aims at supporting all academic and research activities at NUST libraries and is responsible to organise book reading activities, annual Book-Fair and Book-Day celebrations.