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Dr. Rahim Jan (PhD Alumni) Zwick Science Award-2017 Presented in Rome-Italy
Zwick Science Award-2017 Presented in Rome-Italy
First Prize SCME-NUST
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For the ninth time in succession, Zwick Roell has organized its Academia Day, which provides the setting for the presentation of the 2017 Zwick Science Award. On May 15th at Sapienza University, the winners were chosen out of over 100 entries submitted by 70 partic
ipants from 17 countries. The jury awarded this year's winners in the heart of Rome in front of the impressive backdrop of the coliseum and San Pietro in Vincoli. Nine speakers from Italy, Germany, the USA, and Portugal created relevant scientific presentations on "Testing of high performance, lightweight and sustainable materials".
First prize, as well as the Paul Roell Medal, was awarded to Rahim Jan from the School of Chemical and Materials Engineering, National University of Sciences and Technology in Islamabad for his studies on improving the mechanical properties of composites that are strengthened with hexagonal boron nitride. A. Y. Chen from the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, China received second prize for her work on the microstructure and strength of pure copper the size of a large grain through co-channel angle presses. Another second prize was awarded to Hinnerk Oßmer from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany for his entry on the development of temperature profiles in TiNi-based films for elastocaloric cooling. Third prize went to Lucio Maragoni from Padua University, Italy for his research on the fatigue behavior of glass/epoxy laminates with cavities.
Rahim Jan has completed his PhD in 2016 from SCME, NUST. The title of his PhD is ‘2D Nanosheets-Polymer Composites: Mechanical, Electrical Properties Evaluation and Applications’. He has 14 international publications including the research paper ‘Enhancing the Mechanical Properties of BN-Polymer nanocomposites by uniaxial drawing’ for which he has been awarded the above mentioned first prize and gold medal (Zwick Science Award). Rahim Jan is currently involved as co-supervisor for few research projects, carried out at SCME, NUST.