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Short Course on Fractography and Failure Analysis
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SCME, NUST H-12, Islamabad. Pakistan.


This course is designed to provide a practical understanding of fractography through the theoretical knowledge of concepts involved in failures of engineering materials and practical understanding of the ways of description and interpretation of features of fracture surfaces resulting from different types of stress. 


Who Should Attend?

  • Engineers working in failure analysis departments
  • Investigators of Ground / Sea / Air Accident
  • Engineers dealing with design, production and maintenance problems

    Suggested Pre-Requisite

    Degree in Mechanical / Aeronautical / Marine / Materials Engineering

    Learning Objectives

  • Upon completion of this course, participants should be able to:
  • Apply correct examination procedures to the failed parts by using appropriate tools of fractography
  • Interpret fracture surfaces and identify the origin, the direction of crack propagation, the type of loading, and the failure mechanism
  • Understand the relations between properties of materials and the causes of their failures
  • Apply relevant techniques for failure prevention
  • Apply knowledge of fractography in solving design, production and maintenance problems

    Course Outline


    The course mainly covers engineering aspects of Fracture and Failure Analysis; Mechanical and metallurgical causes of failure, failure modes, characterization of fractured surface, macroscopic and microscopic features of fracture, fatigue, creep and corrosion assisted / induced failures are taught through class room lectures and lab experiments. Selected case histories and failure prevention methods have also been made part of this course to facilitate engineers handling design and maintenance of engineering equipment.

    Course Duration : 19 June – 16 August, 2012

    Course Fee : Rs. 12,000/ Participant (concession applies to group registration)

    Classes : Tuesday to Thursday, 1700-1830 Hrs

    Registration : 01-08 June, 2012

    Resource Person : Dr Fahim Hashmi

    Contacts: 051-90855207


    Regisstration Form.pdfRegisstration Form.pdf