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PhD-Thesis Defence

PhD Thesis Defence of Mr. Khalid Nawaz

PhD Thesis Defence of Mr. Khalid Nawaz would be held in SCME according to the following schedule:
  1. Title:    Liquid Phase Exfoliation of Graphite to Graphene and its Applications in Polymeric Nanocomposites.
  2. Date and Time: 17 Sep 2015 (Thursday) at 1400 hrs
  3. Venue: SCME - Seminar Hall
The composition of the Guidance and Examination Committee (GEC) would be as following:
  1. Dr. Noaman Ul Haq                  -           Supervisor
  2. Dr. Arshad Hussain                  -           Member
  3. Dr. Abdul Qadeer Malik            -           Member
  4. Dr. Habib Nasir                         -           Member
  5. Dr. Syed Muzammil Hussain     -           Member (IICS, External)
  6. Associate Prof Dr Humaira M Siddiqui           -    Local Expert
  7. Postdoc. Fellow/Researcher Dr Paul King     -    Foreign Expert
  8. Reader in Biomedical Material                       -    Foreign Expert
  9. Dr. Ihtesham Ur Rehman
All Faculty and Students of SCME are requested to attend the presentation.