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PhD Thesis Defence of Mr. Muhammad Ahsan

PhD Thesis Defence of Mr. Muhammad Ahsan would be held in SCME according to the following schedule:

Title:    Membrane Module Design & Analysis for Gas Separation

 Date and Time: 21 Sep 2016 (Wednesday) at 1100 hrs

Venue: SCME - Seminar Hall

 The composition of the Guidance and Examination Committee (GEC) would be as following:

Dr. Arshad Hussain                -           Supervisor

Dr. Abdul Qadeer Malik           -           Member

Dr. Habib Nasir                       -           Member

Dr. Iftikhar Ahmed                   -           Member

Dr. Nazar-i-Haider (External)    -           Member

Dr. Saeed Gul                         -          Local Expert

Dr. Witold Kwapinski              -           Foreign Expert

Dr. Sanghong Kim                  -           Foreign Expert