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Dr. Kamran Ahmed
Assistant Professor
Transportation Engineering

National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST)
NIT (SCEE) building,NUST H-12 Sector Islamabad
Tel : 051-90854153

Transportation and Traffic Engineering

PhD(Transportation Engineering, Michigan State University, USA),MS(Transportation Engineering, Michigan State University, USA),B.E (Civil Engineering, Balochistan University of Engineering and Technology (BUET), Khuzdar, Pakistan

Dr. Kamran Ahmed is serving as an Assistant Professor in National Institute of Transportation (NIT), SCEE, NUST.  Dr. Kamran did his PhD in Transportation Engineering from Michigan State University (MSU) in year 2006, East Lansing, USA. Dr. Kamran worked as a Traffic Engineer with PARSONS Transportation Group, USA for three years. During his course of employed, Dr. Kamran has been involved with a variety of traffic impact studies, capacity Analysis, and signal optimization projects. Dr. Kamran has experience with traffic engineering software such as SYNCHRO, SIMTRAFFIC, CORSIM, VISSIM, HCS 2000, TRANSYT 7F, TransCAD and TRAFFIX. He is a member of several professional associations including the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) and the Institute of Transportation Engineers. Dr. Kamran is also a Registered Traffic Signal Operations Specialist (TSOS), in USA. 

During his academic career, Dr. Kamran has authored/co-authored more than 10 international peer-reviewed journal papers and conference peer-reviewed papers. He has carried out research projects as the principal investigator in two externally funded and two internally funded projects. Dr. Kamran has acted as reviewer for publications in international journals and conferences; Journal of Advanced Transportation (Wiley), International Journal of Engineering Management and Economics (IJEME), International Journal of Sustainable Society, and Transportation Research Record (TRR).  Dr. Kamran has organized number of hands-on workshops on Traffic Simulation Softwares for professionals and students. 


Dr. Kamran worked on number of research projects during his academic career. Following are some of the research project/grants

Developing Local Capacity Models & Design Curves for Multilane Roundabouts in the Emirates of Abu Dhabi, UAEU Program for Advance Research (UPAR), 2013 - 2015. Role: Principle Investigator

Decision Support Tool for Evaluating Law Enforcement Strategies to Improve Driver Behavior in the UAE, Emirates Foundation (EF), 2011 - 2013, Role: Principle Investigator

Transportation Facilities Review & Evaluation in the Newly Developed Suburbs of the City of Abu Dhabi, Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE), 2014. Role: Principle Investigator

Calibration and Validation of Roundabout Capacity Analysis Parameters for local Conditions in UAE, College of Engineering, UAE University, 2011 -2012. Role: Principle Investigator.

Policy Reforms and Institutional Strengthening of National Highway Authority, Pakistan, Asian Development Bank/Sheladia Associates, USA, 2008 -2009, Role: Intelligent Highway Specialist

Pakistan Integrated Energy Model (Pak-IEM) ADB TA-4982 PAK, International Resource Group (IRG), USA, 2008 – 2009, Role: Transportation Sector Expert

Ahmed, K; Zoubi, K; Siddiqui, M & Anas, M (2015) “Evaluation of the effectiveness of portable variable message signs in work zones in United Arab Emirates”. In Journal of IET Intelligent Transportation System. Doi: 10.10149/iet-its.2015.0007, pp 1-8.

Mauga, T; Ghanma, M; & Ahmed, K (2013) “Roadside Clearance Limit on Horizontal Curves with Transition Arcs Sites with Circular Arcs Shorter than Sight Distance”. In Journal of the Transportation Research Board, No. 2358, pp 20 -28,

Ahmed, K; Abu-Lebdeh, G; & Al –Omari. B (2013) “Estimation of Delay Induced By Downstream Operations at Signalized Intersections Over Extended Control Time”. In Journal of American Society for Civil Engineering (ASCE) Transportation Engineering, Vol. 139, No. 1, pp. 8-19.

Hassan, M; Hawas, Y; & Ahmed, K (2013) “A Multi-Dimensional Framework for Evaluating the Transit Service Performance”.  In Journal of Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice, Vol. 50, pp. 47-61


Transportation Engineering

Highway Engineering

Traffic Engineering

Special Topics in Transportation Engineering


Advance Traffic Engineering & Management

Design of Transport Systems

Independent Studies in Civil Engineering

Transportation Planning

Highway Engineering

Pavement Design & Analysis

Project Title “Pilot Traffic Count Survey on N-5 at Five Locations (Peshawar to Karachi)”, National Transport Research Center (NTRC), Role: Team Leader

Project Title “Pilot Axle Load Survey on N-5 (At Five Weighing Stations from Peshawar to Karachi)”, National Transport Research Center (NTRC), Role:               Transportation Engineering Expert