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NUST Community

1. Established in 1992, NUST’s curricular focus, during its earlier years, remained restricted to the academic

content and its application in the field of science and technology. Addition of NUST Business School in 1999

expanded the domain in diversity somewhat, but did not go beyond the inclusion of a few more disciplines

i.e., management science and business studies. However, establishment of Higher Education Commission in

2002 urged the universities to review their curricula and mandated them to introduce social sciences with

minimum of 30% credit hours dedicated to foundation courses and social sciences. This step resulted in

filling the void which existed before giving wider coverage to humanities and social sciences.

NUST Community Service Strategy

2. A revisit of our vision and strategy revealed several serious curricular deficiencies in the social and

humanistic context. The revised vision thus clearly articulates “a discernible positive impact on the society”

as one of the five major strategic thrusts. It is especially for this very reason that NUST has joined Talloires

Network which promotes Community Service through active citizenry. Presently, NUST pursues a clear

Community Service Strategy (CSS) which encompasses the following:

  • Objectives
  • Scope
  • Means and Instruments
  • Implementation Methodology.

    3. Objectives: We are living in an information age and a globalized world in which physical borders

    of nation states are losing their meaning and transnational challenges call for collective response by the

    global community. The major challenges facing the human society are ideological, intellectual, psychosocial,

    environmental, economic, technological and political. The national, regional and international issues

    are so inter-connected that human beings find it extremely difficult to cope with them. The educators

    of today too confront these challenges while they try to groom and develop future citizens and leaders

    of their countries, helping them understand themselves and find true meaning in their lives. To educate

    their students so as to make them useful citizens, it is essential to involve local communities to work with

    students in their efforts to build a healthy society. The objectives of NUST Community Service Strategy are

    as under:-

    • Develop NUST graduates into socially active citizens with a global vision and a clear

    conception of the integration of science and technology with the socio-economic

    environment of the country.

    • Create opportunities for vertical social mobility for talented students from socioeconomically

    disadvantaged sections of the society.

    • Help minimize conflict within society and between society and the environment, thereby

    promoting sustainable culture of socio-economic development.

    4. Scope of community Service Strategy (CSS): The objectives of NUST CSS are both vast

    and multi-dimensional in scope. However, the focus will primarily be on education, health, environment,

    sustainable development and conflict resolution. It is within these broad disciplines that NUST has to find

    its main focus. Some of the possible areas of major thrusts are as under:

    NUST Community Service Strategy

  • Transformation of NUST students into socially active citizens
  • Assisting the primary and secondary schools in inspiring their students to opt for science,
  • technology and social service
  • Promoting the following causes:-

  • Health care through the use of ICT
  • Reduction in environmental degradation
  • Sustainable development keeping in view the possible adverse impact of development on water, energy, natural resources, infrastructure, environment and the society
  • Conflict resolution through intra-cultural and inter-cultural dialogue
  • Disaster relief and rehabilitation
  • NUST Community Service Strategy.pdfNUST Community Service Strategy.pdf