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International Conference on Structural Fire Safety & Design 2-3 July 2013
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Fire represents one of the most severe hazard to which structures may be subjected in their life time, therefore provision of appropriate fire safety measures to structural members is an important aspect of structural design. Recent unfortunate fire incidents in Pakistan have resulted in tragic loss of human life and property due to fire design shortcomings in structures. This accentuates the need for understanding and design of buildings for structural fire safety and protection. There is further a need to make people aware of fire hazards and strict codes for implementation of structural fire safety in built infrastructure in Pakistan.

Unfortunately, the firefighting and emergency response to fire incidents in Pakistan is not very well established due to lack of infrastructure, appropriate equipment, training, and fire safety drills. As a result, significant loss to life and property occurs in the event of structural fire incidents.

Therefore, structural fire protection and safety becomes one of the key parameters under such occurrences. The appropriate design of structures that can contain fire by design and provide safe exit to occupants in the event of fire is most important. The necessity for the provision fire protection / resistance in a structure can be understood from the fact that, when other measures of containing the fire fail, structural integrity is the last line of defense.Currently, there is lack of awareness in Pakistan about structural fire hazards and design of structures for fire safety. Further there is absence of research in the area of structural fire protection in Pakistan. This conference will provide awareness and understanding of structural fire hazards and importance of structural design for fire safety in Pakistan.

This conference is supported by Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan and Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC). PEC will also award continuing professional development (CPD) points for attending the conference. Certificates of participation will be awareded to participants at the end of the conference. PEC members to please include their PEC membership number in their submitted registraion form. 



This conference is being held for the first time in NUST, Islamabad, Pakistan. Islamabad is the capital and beautiful city of Pakistan. It is situated on the foothills of Margalla Hills. The sight seeing here is scenic. In suburbs, Rawal Lake, Daman-e-Koh, Pir Sowaha are few out of many places attracting thousands of local and foreign visitors daily. The visitors once in Islamabad have an opportunity to travel across the country to see the magical beauty of Northern areas of Pakistan on few hour drives. People of Pakistan are friendly and regard visitors highly. The climate of Islamabad has a typical version of humid subtropical climate, with hot summers accompanied by a monsoon season followed by fairly cold winters. Winters are lasted from November to March with temperatures in Islamabad varying from cold to mild, routinely dropping below zero. July average temperature in Islamabad usually 30 degree C (85 degree F). We look forward for your active participation in this conference.



The learning objectives of the training conference are:

  • Provide awareness and understanding of structural fire hazards and importance structural design for fire safety.

  • Allow lead researchers and engineers to share their research, technology and expertise in area of Structures in Fire at an international forum.

  • Understand the Social, Environmental, Economic, Legal and Institutional Dimensions of Structural Fire Safety in Pakistan.

  • Be able to identify the stakeholders at various levels.



 The focus of the conference is to provide awareness and understanding of structural fire hazards and importance of structural design for fire safety that will include engineering and practices for practice of structural fire engineering”. Main topics covered in this conference will be following:-

  • Social, environmental, economic, and engineering dimensions of structural fire safety. 

  • Understanding of structural fire hazards and importance of structural design for fire safety.

  • Response of different Materials under fire conditions.

  • Numerical Modeling of Structures exposed to fire including simple fire resistance calculation methods.

  • Experimental studies and real case studies on structures exposed to fire.



 Dr. Muhammad Nasrullah Khan, Principal SCEE, NUST (Chairman)

Dr. Liaqat Ali, Associate Dean, NICE, NUST

Prof. Dr. Syed Ali Rizwan, NICE, NUST

Dr. Khaliq-ur-Rashid Kayani, NICE, NUST

Dr. Wasim Khaliq, NICE, NUST (Conference General  Secretary)

Dr. Shaukat Ali Khan, NICE, NUST

Engr. Athar Saeed, NICE, NUST

Syed Muhammad Idrees, NICE, NUST​



Phone: +92-51-90854603

Fax: +92-51-90854502 

Dr. Wasim Khaliq, NICE (SCEE), NUST




For detailed program/brochure CLICK HERE​:-



Registration forms can be downloaded from workshop website or obtained through email. Participation certificates will be issued that will count towards CPD points award by Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) at the end of the workshop.​


Registration type                 Fee


Regular                                       PKR 2000

Student                                        PKR 1000

Foreign delegates                    US $150

Accompanying foreign delegates US $100​


Click here to download  REGISTRATION FORM​


​​​For further information, please contact Secretariat

Tel : +92-51-90854507, +92-334-5271279 (registration)

+92-51-90854503 (other information)

Fax : +92-51-90854502




Ample hotels and accommodation is available in Islamabad in close proximity to the NUST. Some of the main hotel are:



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