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Advanced Training Course
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NICE Computer Lab,SCEE-NUST H-12 Campus Islamabad
Within the frame work of JICA’s grant aid to Pakistan through the international organization, UNESCO successfully implemented the 1st Project, “Strategic Strengthening of Flood Warning and Management Capacity of Pakistan” leading to first ever flood forecasting model of the Upper Indus catchment – Indus-IFAS, new capability for flood hazard warning in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province (KP) for the Kabul River Basins, hazard mapping techniques for Lower Indus river and capacity development of Pakistan agencies (PMD, SUPARCO and other relevant agencies). Despite significant progress made to improve the management capacity and early response to the floods in the country, the Pakistan government agencies still have insufficient technical base to establish Flood Early Warning System by themselves and also lack capability and human resources for further improvement of the flood forecasting system in a sustainable way. In this context, continuous capacity building for the Pakistan agencies and development of human resources on flood management, especially for flood forecasting, early warning and hazard analysis is indispensable and it will ensure further benefits to end users of forecasts and sustainability of results from the 1st project. UNESCO was requested by the relevant Government of Pakistan agencies to further strengthen flood management capacity at provincial and district level including at school levels in Pakistan by mobilizing and making maximum use of UNESCO’s technical expertise and wider network.
The Phase - II of the Project “Strategic Strengthening of Flood Warning and Management Capacity of Pakistan” aims to continue the capacity development of relevant Pakistan agencies (PMD, SUPARCO, NDMA, Federal Flood Commission, Provincial Irrigation Departments, and so forth) regarding flood management, especially forecasting, warning and hazard analysis and also to strengthen the human resource development in Pakistan through the project activities, which lead to establishing technical foundation in the country for the sustainable self-development and self-advancement of the flood forecasting and early warning system as well as the effective coordination and management during floods. It also aims to conduct technical studies to help the government of Pakistan promote strategic strengthening ground based hydro meteorological observation network and further improvement of the accuracy and reliability of the flood forecasting system based on in-situ (ground-truth) data.

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