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Hydraulics Lab

The Hydraulic lab has been established to make the students understand the basic principles and laws of fluid mechanics by direct experiencing the phenomenon of fluid flow and properties of fluids such as viscosity, fluid statics, flow pattern, continuity equation, momentum equation, behaviors of incompressible fluids, and kinetics of fluids. Most modern equipment available in the lab is as follows:

  • S6-MKII     10.0 m Glass Sided Tilting Flume
  • FM-27B      5.0 m Flow Channel & Flume Apparatus
  • HF-401       Basic Hydrology Apparatus
  • FM-04        Pipe Surge & Water Hammer Apparatus
  • HM-152      Flow Visualization Table
  • FM-02        Hydrostatic Bench

With the installation of state of the art equipment, the teaching and research capabilities of the lab are much more enhanced. Flow behavior in open channels and its modeling can be done by using S6-MKII and it is also provides the capability of studying wave behavior at sea shores. Investigation of effect of the catchment characteristics on the runoff generation, de-watering of excavation sites, simulations of multiple and moving storms can be done on basic hydrology apparatus. Pipe surge and water hammer apparatus is capable of demonstrating the phenomena of water hammer (i.e. effect of sudden change in discharge through large water tunnels).