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Survey Lab
  • Surveying has a unique range of applications in numerous branches of science, but it has a dominant relevance to the profession of civil engineering. It is the prerequisite for all project planning and subsequent construction activities. Therefore the Survey department of NICE has equipped itself with a variety of hardware and software to impart all survey skills to our aspiring young civil engineers. To meet the future challenges. Hence our main focus of training is towards the under graduate (UG) students of NICE, who undergo two courses of this subject during their degree programme. Survey-I is taught in 2nd Semester and Survey-II is offered in 3rd Semester.
  • Survey courses are also offered to UG courses of the Institute of Geographical Information System (IGIS) and the Institute of Environmental Sciences & Engineering (IESE) due to a wide range of applications in these fields. This makes it one of the busiest departments at campus. 
  • Survey Lab. has been equipped with latest state-of–the-art equipments which will very efficiently fulfill the demands of today market. With the arrival of RTK now we will able to do survey of any area within few days and prepare printed map of required size using software and plotter facility.

    The equipments which were under practicing are:

  • GNNS Real time Kinematics (RTK)
  • Total Stations NIKON/LICA/HORIZON
  • Electronic Level
  • DIGI Detection and localization of underground services, cables and metallic pipes
  • 44 inches Map Plotting facility
  • Micro Survey Cad Software
  • Mobile work stations
  • The aim of the department is to enable the students to use the map and understand the topography of the area and to impart comprehensive survey knowledge to students to enable them to meet the challenges of civil engineering profession.