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Dr. Sajjad Haider
Associate Professor

National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST)
Tel :  051-90854652

Flood Modeling: Computational Hydraulics, Flood Modeling Over Complex Topography

PhD (Hydraulic Engineering, National Institute of Applied Sciences, France), MS(Civil Engineering) Pakistan

Refereed journals
  1. E. Mignon, A. Paquier, S. Haider, ‘Modeling floods in dense urban area using 2D shallow water equations’, Journal of Hydrology, Elsevier Amsterdam, No. 7 , vol 327(1),  186-199, 2006

  2. S. Haider, A. Paquier, R. Morel, J.Y. Champagne, ‘Urban flood modeling using computational fluid dynamics’ Proceedings of Institution of Civil Engineers UK, Journal of Water & Maritime Engineering, No 2, vol 156, 129-135, 2003

    Paquier, J. M. Tanguy, S. Haider, B. Zhang, ‘Estimation des niveaux d’inondation pour une crue éclair en milieu urbain: l’exemple de la crue de Nimes d’Octobre 1988’ Revue des Sciences de l’eau, National Institute of Scientific Research (INRS), Quebec, Canada, No. 1, vol 16, 79-102, 2003

  3. S. Haider, T. Akram, ‘Two-dimensional Urban Flood Modeling’ Science Technology and Development, Pakistan Council for Science & Technology, No. 2, vol 25, 19-25, 2006

  4. S. A. Memon, W. K. Nukulchai, S. Haider, ‘Application of moving kriging shape functions on plate problems’, NUST Journal of Engineering Sciences, No. 1, vol. 1

Refereed conferences
  • Paquier, N. Riviere, S. Proust, J. Y. Champagne, S. Haider, R. Morel, B. Gay, ‘Ecoulement autour d’un obstacle. Experimentation en canal et modelisation   bidimensionnelle’ PNRH Conference, Toulouse, France, 379-383, 2000
  • M. H. El-Husseini, P. Venet, G. Rojat, S. Haider, ‘High current ageing test for metalized propylene film capacitors having different geometric shape’ 9th International Conference on Power Electronics and Motion Control EPE-PEMC, Kosice, Czech Republic, vol 3, 234-237, 2000Paquier, P. Farissier, P. Ramez, S. Haider, P. Maurel, ‘Simulating floods in complex situations using 2D model’ IAHR 29th Biennial Conference, Beijing. International Association of Hydraulic Engineering & Research, 130-135, 2001
  •  S. Haider, A Paquier, ‘Additional 2D computations on Toce river test case. Influence of the details of topography when modeling houses’, Concerted Action on dam Break Modeling (CADAM). Proceedings from the Zaragoza meeting 18/19 Nov 1999, Zaragoza, Spain. Published by EU Commission, Luxembourg,173-183,2000
    A Paquier, S. Haider, ‘Assessment of floods in towns using 2-D model: one case study.’, Information Technologies for Flood Management. Beijing, China 17th September 2001.
    A Paquier, S. Haider, ‘Computations performed by Cemagref on Toce test case’, Concerted Action on dam Break Modeling (CADAM). Proceedings from the Milan meeting 6/7 May 1999, Milan, Italy. Published by EU Commission, Luxembourg,63-73,2000
    S. Haider, T. Akram, Shakil Ahmad, ‘2d Numerical Simulation of River Hydrodynamics-Application to Indus River reach downstream Ghazi barrage’ 2nd International Conference on Environmentally Sustainable Development, CIIT, Abbotabad. Comsats, 659-665, 2007
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