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Geotech Lab
Geotech lab is one of the important laboratories of NICE.  Geotech lab is equipped with most modern equipments which are being used for research work as well as for the demonstration to the U.G. students. 

At present Geotech lab cover all necessary lab work for under graduate course for Soil Mech-I and Soil Mech-II. The lab is also being engaged in the research work for MSc (Geotech). Geotech lab is being used for Geo technical investigation to obtain the information on the physical and mechanical properties of soil and rock around a site to design, earthwork and foundations for purposed structures and for repair of distress to earth work and structures caused by sub surface conditions. Geotechnical investigation includes sub surface exploration of a site. Sub surface exploration usually involves soil sampling and laboratory tests of soil sample retrieved.
The tests which are being conducted in the Geotech Lab. are as following for UG Programme:

  •  ​ Soil classification includes:
                        (1) Atterberg Limits – Liquid Limits Test
                        (2) Plastic Limits Test
                        (3) Shrinkage Limit Test
  •  Shear Strength Tests:
                        (1) Direct Shear Test (Manual and mechanized with data process)
                        (2) Unconfined Compression Test
                        (3) Van Shear Test
                        (4) Consolidation Test
  •   Compaction Tests:
                    Proctor Test (Standard & Modified)
  •  In Situ Density Test:
                        (1) By Sand Replacement Method
                        (2) By Core cutter Method
                        (3) By Balloon Method
                        (4) By electric Density Method
  •  Hydraulic Conductivity Test:
                        (1) Falling Head Method
                        (2) Constant Head Method
  • ​ Trial Shear Tests (with auto data logger):
                        (1) Resonance Column Test
                        (2) Cyclic Shear Test
  • Standard Penetration Test (SPT)
  •  Cone Penetration Test (CPT)
  •  Resistivity Test.  This test is specially used for research purpose by the MSc (Geotech) students.