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 Thesis Presentations Schedule for Thursday 20th August, 2015
Start Date 
End Date 
NIT Conference Hall
Mr. Absar Asghar, Mr. Sana Ullah and Ms. Sana Qazi are going to present thier Thesis Final Defense on Thursday 20th August, 2015 . Thesis Supervisor of Mr. Absar Asghar is Dr. Salman Atif , and Mr. Sana Ullah and Ms. Sana Qazi have Dr. Javed Iqbal. The topic of thier thesis are “Enhancing Road Safety through GIS: Identifying Sites of Potential Improvement, A Case Study of Islamabad", “Development of Algorithm for Defining Un-Biased Electoral Districts and its Implementation in a GIS Environment: A Case Study of Rawalpindi District, Pakistan”,and "Mapping Paper Mulberry An Invasive Species and Its Health Impact: A Case Study of Islamabad" respectively.