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Engr. Fahim Ullah (On Ph.D abroad / Faculty Development)
Geoinformatics Engineering

National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST)
H-12 ,Islamabad Pakistan
Tel :  

Construction Engineering& Management

M.Sc. (Construction Engineering& Management, NUST , PAKISTAN), B.E (Civil Engineering)

1.How complex is decision making in PPP Projects : A review of existing literature International Journal of Project Management (Elsevier)       
2.PPP Projects: The gap between academia and Industry Journal of professional issues in engineering education and practice (ASCE)
3.Estimating concession period of PPP Projects : An application of LCCA to highway projects Journal of construction engineering and management (ASCE)
Organization Name               Position Held                 Duration 
BNA Consultants              Assistant Manager Planning       14 July 2014 14th Aug 2015
Malik Abdul Hanan& sons      Planning Engineer                3 May 2013 13 July2014
Malik Abdul Hanan& sons      Internee                               2 Aug 2012 2 May 2013
Project Management Office    Internee                               25 June 2012 25 July 2012
Malik Abdul Hanan& sons      Internee                               3 Feb 2012 3 June 2012