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Engr. Dr. Ejaz Hussain
Associate Dean
Geoinformatics Engineering

National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST)
IGIS Building, NUST Sector H-12 Islamabad
Tel : +92 51 9085 4400

Geomatics Engineering

PhD (Geomatics Engineering, Purdue University, USA), MS (Geomatics Engineering, Purdue University, USA), BE (Civil Engineering, MCE Risalpur, Pakistan)

Academic Information 

  • PhD Geomatics Engineering (Jan-2007 - Dec-2010) Purdue University, USA. 
  • MS Geomatics Engineering (Aug-2000 - Aug-2002) Purdue University, USA. 
  • BE Civil Engineering (1987 - 1990) MCE, Risalpur, Pakistan.


Professional Membership/ Fellowship 

  • Professional Engineer, Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC). 
  • Member, Institution of Engineers Pakistan IE (Pak).

Applications of Remote Sensing data for various Earth resource applications

MS Thesis Supervised

  • Geo-Spatial analysis of Hepatitis C in District Hafizabad Punjab
  • Flood Modeling of Soan River using HEC-RAS
  • Spatio-Temporal Eutrophication assessment of Kallar Kahar Lake using Remote Sensing data
  • Soil Salinity Mapping in Toba Tek Singh using temporal imagery 
  • Identifying sediments deposit patterns in Tarbela Dam using temporal Remote Sensing data
  • Post flood drinking water quality assessment in Charsadda District using geographic information technologies

Book Chapters

  • Shan, J. and E. Hussain, 2009. Chapter 10, Object-based Data Integration and Classification for High-Resolution Coastal Mapping, pp. 210-234, in Yeqiao Wang (Ed.), Remote Sensing of Coastal Environments, CRC Press/Taylor & Francis Group, 504 p. 
  • Shan, J., Hussain, E., Kim, K., Biehl, L., 2009. Chapter 18, Flood Mapping and Damage Assessment – a Case Study in the State of Indiana, pp. 473-495, in Li, D, Shan, J., Gong J., Eds, 2009. Geospatial Technology for Earth Observation, Springer, 558p. 

Full Papers in Refereed Journals

  • Ejaz Hussain & Jie Shan (2016), Urban building extraction through object-based image classification assisted by digital surface model and zoning map, International Journal of Image and Data Fusion,Vol.7

  • Ejaz Hussain & Jie Shan (2016), Object-based urban land cover classification using rule inheritance over very high-resolution Multisensor and Multitemporal data, GIScience & Remote Sensing, 53:2, 164-182,
  • Shan, J., Zaheer, M., Hussain, E., 2003. Study on Accuracy of 1-Degree DEM versus Topographic Complexity Using GIS Zonal Analysis. Journal of Surveying Engineering, American Society of Civil Engineers, Vol. 129, May 1, pp. 85-89. 
  • Shan Jie, Ejaz Hussain, KyoHyouk Kim, and Larry Biehl, 2010. Highlight Article: Flood Mapping with Satellite Images and its Web Service, Photogrammetric Engineering and Remote Sensing, Journal of the American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, Vol. 76, No. 2, pp. 102-105.
  • Ural Serkan, Ejaz Hussain, Jie Shan, 2011. Building Population Mapping with Aerial Imagery and GIS Data, International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation, Vol. 13, Issue 6, pp. 841-852
  • Ejaz Hussain, Serkan Ural, KyoKyoukKim,Chiung-Shiuan Fu, Jie Shan, 2011. Building Extraction and Rubble Mapping for City Port-au-Prince Post-2010 Earthquake with GeoEye-1 Imagery and Lidar Data,Photogrammetric Engineering & Remote Sensing, Volume.77, No 10, October 2011, pp 1011-1023
  • Waqar MM, Mirza JF, Mumtaz R, Hussain E (2012) Development of New Indices for Extraction of Built-Up Area & Bare Soil from Landsat Data. 1: 136. doi:10.4172/scientificreports.136, Jun 2012. Not peer-reviewed

Full Papers in Conference or Symposium Proceedings

  • Selim Aksoy, Bahadir Ozdemir, Sandra Eckert, Francois Kayitakire, Martino Pesaresi, Orsan Aytekin, Christoph C. Borel, Jan Cech, Emmanuel Christophe, Sebnem Duzgun, Arzu Erener, Kivanc Ertugay, Ejaz Hussain, Jordi Inglada, Sebastien Lefevre, Ozgun Ok, Dilek Koc San, Radim Sara, Jie Shan, Jyothish Soman, Ilkay Ulusoy, Regis Witz, 2008. Performance Evaluation of Building Detection and Digital Surface Model Extraction Algorithms: Outcomes of the PRRS 2008 Algorithm Performance Contest, in 5th IAPR Workshop on Pattern Recognition in Remote Sensing, Tampa, Florida, December 7. 
  • Ejaz Hussain, KyoHyouk Kim, Jie Shan, 2009. Object–based Image Classification and Web-mapping Techniques for Flood Damage Assessment, American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing Annual Conference, Baltimore, Maryland, March 9 – 13. 
  • Ejaz Hussain, Jie Shan, 2010. Rule Inheritance in Objet-based Image classification for Urban Land Cover Mapping, American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing Annual Conference, San Diego, California, USA, April 26 – 30.
  • Ejaz Hussain, Jie Shan, 2010. Mapping major floods with optical and SAR satellite images, IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA, July 25-30.
  • Jie Shan, Ejaz Hussain, 2010. Very High Resolution Remote Sensing Data: Processing Capabilities and Limitations in Urban Areas. IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA, July 25-30.
  • Ejaz Hussain, Ural Serkan, Malik Abrar, Jie Shan, 2011.Mapping Pakistan 2010 Floods Using Remote Sensing Data,American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, Annual Conference, Milwaukee, USA, May1-5 
  • Shahid Karim and Ejaz Hussain, 2012. Soil Salinity Assessment in Toba Tek Singh using Remote Sensing and GIS: Proceeding -International Conference of GIS Users,TAZA GIS-Days, pp 479-483, May 23-24
  • Ibad-Ur-Rehman, Saqib Kazmi, Saad Ali, Ejaz Hussain, 2012. Comparison of Pixel-based and Object-based classification for glacier change detection, 2nd International Workshop on Earth Observation and Remote Sensing Applications (EORSA),  pp 259-262, Shanghai, China, Jun 8-11. ISBN: 978-1-4673-1947-8
  • Mahmood, A.,Irfan, M.,Hussain, Ejaz.(2012). “Highway Asset Management using Geographical Information System”.Third International Conference on Construction in Developing Countries being held on 04-06 July, 2012, Bangkok, Thailand.Conference Proceedings
  • Usman, M., Hussain, E., , 2013, Mapping and Monitoring Planned Development of Vegetation Cover in Desert Area using Temporal Remote Sensing Data, Proceeding of American Society of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing  (ASPRS,) Baltimore, Maryland USA  March 24-28

Conference- Presentations only

  • Ejaz Hussain, KyoHyouk Kim, 2009. Quick-Look Flood Damage Estimation, Indiana GIS Conference, Feb 17 – 18 2009, Bloomington, IN.
  • Ejaz Hussain, Serkan Ural, 2010, Building Extraction and Population Mapping Using High Resolution Images, Indiana GIS Conference, Feb 23-24 2010, Bloomington, IN 
  • Ejaz Hussain, 2013.Dealing with and assessing risks of potential disasters using space-based information, National Workshop on Disaster Risk Management, May 04, 2013, MCE Risapur, Pakistan

Courses offered to Under-Graduate Programs

  • GIE- 102    Introduction to Remote Sensing
  • GIE-203     Digital Mapping and Image Processing
  • GIE-204     Photogrammetry


Courses offered to Post-Graduate Programs

  • GIS - 811  Advanced Remote Sensing
  • GIS -911   Special Topic in Remote Sensing
  • GIS - 812  Engineering Aspects of Remote Sensing
  • GIS - 802  GIS and Remote Sensing & its Application for Civil Engineering
  • DME- 802 GIS and Remote Sensing for Disaster Mapping and Management