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Head of Department Message

Welcome to the Department of Remote Sensing at the Institute of Geographical Information Systems (IGIS), National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST).

Remote sensing includes the Earth observations from a variety of spaceborne (i.e. satellites), airborne (such as aeroplanes, unmanned vehicles, balloons, etc.), and ground based platforms (for example, towers, cameras, laser sensors, and radars). In the last few years, many new techniques and methods have been developed in image data processing, mathematical modeling, as well as direct measurements. Such advances in this science of spatial technologies is helping livelihoods in a large number of professions, such as natural and man-made resource management, energy generation, hydrologic science, meteorology, earth science, forestry, agriculture, biology, climate change, ecology, disaster management, urban and regional planning, public health, transportation, engineering and so on. The products of remote sensing are currently being used not only by scientists in these fields but also by professors, policy makers and the general public alike. The science of remote sensing has most benefits in data deprived areas with scarce resources and gauging stations.

The Department gives infinite number of opportunities in the form of BE/BS, MS and PhD degree programs to students and scholars of spatial sciences. Depending upon the intended purpose of the remotely sensed data and products, the Department is equipped to acquire data for its students and clients from a variety of vendors. Post-acquisition value addition, modeling, management, monitoring, analysis and update of products are also available at the Department.

Please feel free to contact me for any comment, suggestion or query, your input will be highly appreciated.

Engr. Dr. Ejaz Hussain
Head of Department-1, IGIS, NUST