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Ms Khunsa Fatima
Assistant Professor
Geographical Information System & Remote Sensing

National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST)
IGIS Building (2nd Floor)
Tel : 051-9085-4492

GIS & Remote Sensing

MS (Remote Sensing and GIS,  NUST, Pakistan), M.Sc (Space Science, University of the Punjab Lahore Pakistan), B.Sc (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics) University of the Punjab Lahore Pakistan

​Working as Co_PI for HEC funded project no. 6004/Federal/NRPU/R&D/HEC/2015, "Urban Expansion as an Incursive Factor for Food Security: An assessment of Spatio-Temporal Variations in Punjab Province, Pakistan"
  • ​Khunsa Fatima, Muhammad Umar Khan Khattak, Allah Bakhsh Kausar, Muhammad Toqeer, Naghma Haider, Asid Ur Rehman, "Minerals identification and mapping using ASTER satellite images," J. Appl. Remote Sens. 11(4), 046006 (2017), doi: 10.1117/1.JRS.11.046006.

  • Khunsa Fatima, Asma Shaheen, "Estimation of Surface Runoff for Tarbella reservoir." Proceedings of 2nd International Conference of Advances in Space Technologies. 29-30th Nov, 2008, Islamabad, Pakistan
  • Zaibunnisa, Salman Atif, Afzaal Karori, Khunsa Fatima. Use of remote sensing in monitoring Frequency and Distribution of Dust Storms over Southern Baluchistan. Earth Sciences Pakistan 2014, 29-31 August, 2014. Online ISSN: 2305-6959. PPN: 1, OPN: 140.
  • Khunsa Fatima, Umar K. Khattak, Allah Bakhsh Kausar, “Selection of Appropriate Classification Technique for Lithological Mapping of Gali Jagir area, pakistan”. World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology. International Science Index Issue 84. December 2013, Melbourne, Australia.
  • Hammad Gilani; Urooj Saeed; Khunsa Fatima; Aim Daud; Salman Ashraf. Coastal Biomass Mapping Through Subpixel Classification Technique—A Technique of Segregating Materials Within Pixel. Earth Science Frontiers. 1005-2321, 2009 Issue S1. Page 108 – 109.
  • Urooj Saeed, Khunsa Fatima, Hammad Gilani, Asim Daud and Salman Ashraf, "Selection of Appropriate Classification Technique for Coastal Biomass Mapping using High and Low Resolution Dataset." Proceedings of 2nd International Conference of Advances in Space Technologies. 29-30th Nov, 2008, Islamabad, Pakistan
  • Khunsa Fatima, Asim Daud Rana, Urooj Saeed & Salman Ashraf, “Use of Multispectral Data for Vegetation Cover Identification through Subpixel Classification Technique”, Journal of Scientific Research, University of the Punjab, Lahore-Pakistan, volume XXXV No.1, July 2006
​Duration Position​ ​Job Responsibilities ​Organization
Jul 2012 – to date ​Lecturer Master’s Courses: Remote Sensing and Image Processing, Hydrology and Water Resources, Land Information System (LIS)

Bachelor’s Courses: GIS, Land Use Planning, Geo-informatics
​School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST), Islamabad, Pakistan      
​Duration ​Position ​Job Responsibilities ​Organization
​Jul 2010 –Jul 2012 ​GIS Associate ​Pre and post floods satellite image processing and analysis to develop flood inundation maps, cartographic tasks including 4W (who what where and when) mapping, emergency situation based GIS mapping. ​United Nations Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UNOCHA)
​Jul 2009 –Jul 2010 ​GIS Officer ​Managing overall GIS, specifically analyzing and updating remote sensing and GIS products ​Water and Habilitation office, International Committee of Red Cross (ICRC)
July 2006 - Sep 2007​ ​Remote Sensing Analyst ​Remote Sensing Analyst    Satellite Images procurement, preprocessing, processing, and analysis for hydro-power projects ​Water and Agricultural Division, National Engineering Services Pakistan (NESPAK)