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Technical Session VI Geographical Information Systems
  • Atif bin Mansoor, Zohaib Khan, Adil Khan : An application of Fuzzy Morphology for Enhancement of Aerial Images

  • Muhammad  Murtaza Khan, Jocelyn Chanussot, Bensaid Siouar, Julien Osman:  Using QNR Index as Decision Criteria for Improving Fusion Quality

  • Humayun Shahid, Kamran Khan, Waqas Ahmed Qazi : Using Modified Mixture of Gaussians for Background Modeling in Video Surveillance (image processing)

  • Adnan Mahmood: Student Satellite Projects – Space Education for Developing Countries

  • Khalid Amin Khan, Gulraiz Akhtar, Zulfiqar Ahmad, Mahd Rashid : Development of A Projection Independent Multi-Resolution Imagery Tiles Architecture for Compiling an Image Database of Pakistan

  • Salman Ali: Fusion of High Resolution LIDAR and Aerial Images for Object Extraction