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Technical Session IV Remote Sensing Image Processing and Applications
  • Application of Remote Sensing Techniques for Water Resources Planning and Management
    (Shakoor A, A. Shehzad, M.N. Asghar)

  • Facial Expression Recognition System using Case Based Reasoning
    (Assia Khanum, Muhammad Zubair Shafiq)

  • A Regional Planning Application of Satellite Image Processing in Pakistan
    (Mudassar Hassan Arsalan, Mohammed Raza Mehdi, Mubushar Hussain)

  • Role of Satellites for Renewable Energy Generation Technologies in Urban Regional and Urban Settings
    (Adeel Ghayur)

  • Geometric Correction of High Resolution Satellite Imagery and its Residual Analysis
    (Fahim Arif, Muhammad Akbar, An-Ming Wu)

  • Blind Source Separation and Genetic Algorithm for Image Restoration
    (Hujun Yin, Israr Hussain)

  • A Remote Imaging System Based on Reflected GPS Signals
    (M Usman, D W Armitage)

  • Digital Image Processing of High Resolution Aerial Photograph of Shallow Marine Sanctuary, Victoria, Australia
    (Fawad Saeed)

  • A Study for Prediction of Minerals in Rock Images using Back Propagation Neural Networks
    (Imran Sarwar Bajwa, M. Abbas Choudhary)

  • Satellite Remote Sensing (SRS) and Geographical Information System (GIS) for Earthquake Damage Assessment and Disaster Management
    (Shahid Rao, Mohtashim Ali, M. Muntazir Naqvi, Adnan M Qureshi)

  • Solid Waste Management Planning using GIS and Remote Sensing Technologies Case Study Aurangabad City, India
    (Shaikh Moiz Ahmed, Hassan Muhammad, Åke Sivertun)

  • The Role of GIS in Disaster Studies Such as Tectonic Activities in Chotatawa River Basin, Madhya Pradesh, India
    (Jayanta Kumar Jena, Nitin Gupta, Swati Jain, Pramod K. Verma)

  • Facing Disasters with Geo-Information and Earth Observation-The UNU-ITC Programme for Disaster Geo-Information Management
    (Sjaak Beerens)