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Technical Session III Geographic Information System
  • GIS-Based Conceptual Framework for Consensus Mapping and Conflict Resolution to Support Sustainable Land Use
    (Muhammad Nawaz, Farha Sattar)

  • Role of GIS in Public Health Management in Pakistan
    (Mubushar Hussain, Mudassar Hassan Arsalan, Mohammed Raza Mehdi)

  • Assessing Potentials of RS and GIS based Intelligent Master Planning Approach against Conventional Master Planning Practices for Disaster Afflicted Difficult Areas: A Case Study of Bagh Town, Azad Jammu and Kashmir
    (Shaker Mahmood Mayo, S. Shabih-ul-Hassan Zaidi, Mubushar Hussain)

  • Consensus Evaluation and Prioritization using GIS and DSS Tools: Case Study of Kalabagh and Bhasha Dam
    (Muhammad Nawaz, Muhammad Hamid, Farha Sattar)

  • A Conceptual Framework for Earthquake Disaster Management System (EDMS) for Quetta City using GIS
    (Muhammad Kashif Nazir, Imran Sarwar Bajwa, Muhammad Imran Khan)

  • GIS and Cluster Analysis of NO3-N Leaching Losses to Subsurface Drainage Water
    (Allah Bakhsh, Ramesh Kanwar)

  • Planning a Least Cost Gas Pipeline Route A GIS & SDSS Integration Approach
    (Maheen Iqbal, Farha Sattar, Muhammad Nawaz)

  • Approaching the Earthquake Disaster Site in GIS Perspective – A Vision that Could Have Saved Lives
    (Kashif Siddiqi, Mr. Mubushar Hussain, Mr. Tahir Mahmood)

  • Drought Mitigation and Preparedness Planning using RS and GIS
    (Khurrum Ahmed Khan, Mansoor A. Hashmi)