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Technical Session II Space Technologies and Communication
  • GaliSys: Fully Integrated Software Configurable Receiver Integrated Circuit(s) (ICs) for GALILEO Radio Navigation Satellite Systems and its Applications in Disaster Management and Rehabilitation
    (Ali Telli, Ediz Cetin, Izzet Kale)

  •  Intelligent Transportation Systems in Transitional and Developing Countries
    (Akhtar Ali Shah, Lee Jong Dal)

  •  Physical Insight of Space-Time and Modeling of Space-Time Dipoles, Gravity Waves and Gravitons: A Micro Space Antenna to Detect the Nature of Gravity Field
    (Murad Shibli)
  •  On Phase Ambiguity of Real Channels: Blind Channel Equalization Using Second Order Statistics
    (Naveed, M. A. S. Choudhry, I. M. Qureshi, T. A. Cheema)

  •  Interference Rejection Capability of Cross Dipole Antenna Array System
    (H. A. Mirza, M. M. Ahmed)

  • Design and Analysis of Cross Cage Dipole Antenna
    (M I Ahmad, M M Ahmed, I U Shah)

  •  D Band (110-150) GHz Radial Line Filter for Millimeter-wave Devices
    (Farooq Ahmed Bhatti)

  •  Global Navigation Satellite Systems: A Survey
    (A.S. Zaidi, M.R. Suddle)

  •  Tsunami Generation and Propagation along the Coastal Zone of Makran and Karachi
    (Gohar Ali Mahar, Zeeshan Alam Nayyar)

  •   Genetic Algorithm for Launch Condition Optimization of a Spacecraft
    (P. Y. Zhang, M. Yang, Y. D. Lu, Z. C. Wang)