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ICAST 2006

ICAST 2006 1st International Conference on Advances in Space Technologies
Technologies for Disaster Management and Rehabilitation
2-3 September 2006, Marriot Hotel, Islamabad-Pakistan

The objective of this conference is to discuss with the national/international delegations, industries and research centers the various ongoing activities aimed at promoting technology advances globally. In addition, a number of invited speakers will describe their innovation strategies and the technical content of specific technology adoption actions. Technology transfer is a key goal of this Conference. This Conference promotes international participation and provides for a timely exchange of information among technologists, academicians, industrialists, and program managers on technical issues related to space technologies, exploration, and the potential for performing scientific research for developing new technologies.

Technical Session I:       Disaster Management and Space Technologies

Technical Session II:      Space Technologiesand Communication

Technical Session III:     Geographic Information System

Technical Session IV:     Remote Sensing / Image Processing and Applications