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IGIS tomorrow

IGIS Vision 2030
The Institute of Geographical Information Systems (IGIS) is envisioned to be a unique institute of its kind in Pakistan. IGIS strives to be recognised​​ internationally as a Centre of Excellence in Geospatial Information Sciences. The aim of this institute is to nurture world class scientists for the country who will take up challenging research and teaching assignments in Universities, R&D laboratories and various industries. The exemplary teaching and research attributes of its faculty will inspire strongly motivated bright young students to dedicate their lives for scientific research. It aims to produce responsible graduates and researchers who are culturally enlightened; technologically competent and prepared to lead in the development of the Pakistan.
Following are the list of milestones that the IGIS wants to achieve through its vision-2025 keeping in view UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):
In Year  2020:

  • Develop geospatial software and their extension for different disciplines.
  • Extend aero-modeling club to enhance its capability to acquire aerial imagery.
  • IGIS will increase the student strength of PG and UG programs.
In Year 2025:

  • Serve as "Spatial Data Service Provider" by creating and updating a geo-database clearinghouse.
  • Establish global climate change center which will study the climate change impact on Pakistan economy i.e. agro- forestry etc.
  • Plans to establish a satellite ground station to acquire satellite imagery.
  • Convert its existing research groups (Natural Resources Management, City and Regional Planning, Geo-informatics, Disaster Management) into full-fledged departments.