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PhD Course Description
Program Details

The Institute of Geographical Information Systems (IGIS) is first of its kind higher education learning institute in Pakistan where advance spatial education is delivered. The need for a PhD degree in remote sensing & GIS was felt because the private/public sectors require intensive research in order to compete in the national/international market. Whereas the routine GIS applications are being covered by GIS analysts, research based products cannot be addressed properly until PhD level candidates are inducted in the private/public sectors. Even with a fair usage of GIS technologies, the benefit of GIS has not reached to that level which is required for  industry and private sector emerging needs specifically speaking, modeling techniques where PhD in remote sensing & GIS can play a significant role. This paves way for developing new products thus enhancing the market and contributing to the economy of the country as a whole.
Eligibility Criteria
1.   Masters/MPhil/ Equivalent degree in
  •     Remote Sensing & GIS
  •     Space Sciences
  •     Geodesy, Cartography
  •     Geomatrics / Geoinformatics Engineering
2.   Any other equivalent qualification in relevant subject, as deemed appropriate by the PhD Evaluation and Acceptance committee (PEAC) with approval of the competent authority at the university Main Office.

3.  Deficient courses will be mandatory and will be recommended at the time of admission by PEAC

4.  Minimum CGPA 3.0 out of 4.0 or 3.75 out of 5.0 or First Division in annual system.

5.  The percentage will be valid only if the CGPA is not mentioned in the degree/ transcript.

6.  18 years of education. GRE Subject International (score > 60 percentile) or GAT Subject by NTS (score > 60 %) or local GRE subject type test (Score>70 %) conducted by NUST (as applicable) is required.