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Dual Degree Programme in Remote Sensing and Geographical Information System: AIT and NUST

The proposed program envisages cooperation in RS & GIS with School of Civil Engineering and Technology (SET), AIT, Thailand and Institute of Geographical Information Systems (IGIS), School of Civil & Environmental Engineering (SCEE), NUST, Pakistan.
Admission Procedure
a.     Should apply separately for the dual degree program.
b.     Must meet NUST admission criteria for admission.
c.     AIT English Entry Test or AIT-EET before admission
d.     In case of more than three students registering only three best students will be selected on merit after fulfilling all codal and financial responsibilities, whereas for remaining students course work will be counted towards NUST, MS (RS & GIS) of 30 Credit hours. The students should maintain a CGPA of 3.0 prior to proceeding to AIT
Academic Schedule
a.     The students enrolled under this dual degree program will fulfill 48 credits hours for graduation to be eligible for dual degree. The maximum number of students enrolled would be three. Students joining these programs will be allowed to take the thesis option only. The final thesis exam could be held at AIT or at NUST, as agreed by the parties.
b.     For dual degree, the program will be conducted in two stages – first stage at NUST and second at AIT.
(1)           Semester I.   Students will enroll in the dual degree program at NUST and must complete 12 credits of coursework.
(2)           Semester II. The students will complete remaining 12 credits of coursework at NUST with (CGPA of 3.0minimum) to be eligible for research work at AIT.
(3)           Inter semester.  Student shifts to AIT, registers for 2 credit course/special study at AIT and formalizes his/her thesis proposal
(4)           Semester III.  Students complete 10 credits of research work, including his/her thesis proposal defense. The research work will be jointly supervised by AIT and NUST faculty - the research evaluation committee will have two co-chairs, one each from AIT and NUST, and there will be no committee head.
(5)           Semester IV. The student completes remaining 12 credits of research work. On successful completion of the research work and thesis defense, the student will be awarded dual degree.
(6)           The student will bear all the expenses if he/she fails to successfully complete all the academic requirements for the award of Dual Degree.
Academic Program
The program will be conducted both at AIT and at NUST. The first TWO semesters will be at NUST and the other two semesters at AIT.
1st & 2nd Semester courses – Institute of Geographical Information Systems, NUST
List of Courses and offered semesters (subject to change upon availability of faculty)
​No. ​Course ​Credit Semester​
​Core Courses- First Semester (NUST)
1 ​Advanced Geographical Information System ​3 ​Fall
​2 Advanced Remote Sensing and Image Processing ​3 ​Fall
​3 ​Advanced Geodatabase and Programming ​3 ​Fall
​4 ​Research Methods ​3 ​Fall
​5 Elective Courses- Second Semester (NUST) ​4X3
​6 ​Summer Inter-semester (AIT)formalizes Thesis Proposal Defense 2​ June-July​
​Third Semester (AIT)
​7 ​Research Work 10​ Fall​
​Fourth Semester (AIT)
​8 ​Research Work 12​ Spring​
AIT:                         20% of tuition fee: US $ 2,240.00
NUST:                    50% of total cost less 20% tuition fee US $ 9,633
Student:                50% of total cost less 20% tuition fee US $ 9,633
Students opting for the dual degree program should commit to pay US $ 9,633 for his stay at AIT (Inter-Semester + Third Semester and Fourth Semester). The same may be reimbursed to the students, if approved by HEC.
a.     The beneficiary of this scheme is bonded to serve in NUST for three years as faculty member for which a bond has to be signed on finalization of admission.
b.     In case of failure to complete the program in time, the entire expenditure incurred will be refunded by the student to NUST ie  AIT, NUST & HEC (if applicable).            
c.     The students will be bonded by Statutes of respective institutions.
d.     The students shall be governed and construed under the laws of the Kingdom of Thailand or of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan depending upon where the activities take place.
For further clarification Please contact:
Engr Dr Ejaz Hussain:
Cell:        03155321858
Line:       +9251 9085 4400