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Solid Waste and Water Resource Management
Research Group Leader
Here in this group we work on various aspects of solid, industrial/ hazardous, electronic and hospital/health care waste management, leachate generation and treatment through physical, chemical and biological especially phyto-remediation methods.
Solid waste is also managed using aerobic, anaerobic and vermin-compost technology and possible option of generation of energy biogas using meso and thermophilic digesters.
E-waste is a growing problem of the modern world. Its recycling and management is creating serious health and environment related problems. Initiatives have been taken to compile information about this issue.
Water resources, both quantity and quality aspects, it monitoring and modeling is addressed by this group.
EIAs and IEEs of small and medium sized projects are also addressed by this group

  • Leachate treatment and management
  • E-waste handling and management
  • Recycling & management
  • Rainwater harvesting
  • Water quality management

Research Publication

1) Hamid Iqbal & M. A. Baig (2015)  Characterization of first flush in urban highway runoffs. Vol. 14, No 1, 45-50
2) Hamid Iqbal, M. Garcia-Perez and Markus, F. (2015) Effect of biochar on leaching of organic carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorus from compost in bioretention systems. 521-522 (2015) 37-45
3) Iqbal, H., M. A. Baig, Usman Hanif, Usman Ali, S.M.  and Flurry, M. (2015). “Leaching of Metals, Organic Carbon, and Nutrients from Municipal Waste under Semi-Arid Conditions. 9(1): 187-196

Industry Collaboration

  • Rawalpindi Municipality,
  • CDA Local Hospitals
  • Ministry of Health
  • Climate Change Ministry
  • Urban Unit
  • Waste Busters Lhr.
  • Sitara Foundation
  • NIH and Health Services Academy.
Research Innovations

Constructed the first capping of open dumpsite in the country at H-12 Islamabad. Establishment of Biogas Plant in NUST, Vermi-Compost, Establishment of Constructed wetland for experimental purposes.