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Climate Change and Atmospheric chemistry
Research Group Leader

Dr. Faheem Khokhar

National Members

Dr. Salman Atif
Institute of Geographical Information System-SCEE

Dr.  Farrukh Chishtie
Institute of Space Technology, Islamabad PAKISTAN

International Members

Prof. Dr. Yoshizumi Kajii                      
Head Atmospheric Chemistry Group,
Graduate School of Global Environmental Studies
Kyoto University, Yoshida Honmachi, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto, Japan                                                                                           

Prof. Dr. Thomas Wagner
Max-Planck-Institute for Chemistry
Hahn-Meitner-Weg 1                               
D-55128 Mainz , Germany                       

C-CARGO, a newly established research group at IESE-NUST (Institute of Environmental Sciences and Engineering- National University of Sciences and Technology) is a step to address the issues of regional air quality and climate change. This research group in collaboration with international partners will play a vital role in exploring the atmospheric composition over Pakistan, in revisiting the existing air quality management procedures, and to help policy makers in developing cost effective and efficient climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies in Pakistan.

Research activities including field expeditions and student thesis are designed in accordance to achieve the following objectives under the umbrella of C-CARGO:

  • Characterize the atmospheric composition over Pakistan
  • Prepare database of different green house and trace gases over Pakistan from Satellite observations
  • continuous monitoring of atmospheric trace gases 
  • Update existing emission inventories
  • Provide timely information to policy makers in order to design policies that are cost effective
  • Address air quality and climate change issues in Pakistan
  • Bridge the gap in atmospheric sciences from local to global scales
Completed  MPhil-Thesis

  • Temporal record of atmospheric NO2 columns over Pakistan using satellite observation
  • Temporal record of tropospheric HCHO columns over Pakistan using satellite observation
  • Temporal record of tropospheric SO2 columns over Pakistan using satellite observation
  • Continuous Observations of Chemically Active Trace Gases over Islamabad
  • Sulphur Dioxide concentrations monitoring along the N5 and M2.
  • Nitrogen Dioxide concentrations monitoring along the N5 and M2 Highway
  • Formation of a New Optimal Solution for Min/Max Value Region in Geographic Space
  • Temperature variation over Pakistan from 1961 to 2012 with emphasis on covariance during last decades  temperature and CO2 concentration
  • Preparing the first CO2 atlas of Pakistan via satellite observations
  • Temporal record of CH4 column density over Pakistan using satellite observations
  • Identifying potential of reducing emission on deforestation and forest degradation (REDD+) over Northern Pakistan
  • Monitoring formaldehyde concentration over Islamabad using ground based and satellite observations.
  • Extensive use of CNG and its impact on NO2 concentration over Rawalpindi/Islamabad and Lahore using ground based and satellite observations.
  • Murree Hills forest monitoring in the context of REDD+
Current  MPhil-Thesis

  • Investigating the Glyoxal (CHOCHO) columns amounts during MADCAT 2014 campaign in Germany
  • Detection temporal and spatial trends in OMI NO2 observations during the time period of 2004-2015
  • Temporal record of tropospheric ozone column density over Pakistan by using satellite observation
  • Investigating the spatial variance of  NO2 columns along the major highways of Northern Punjab region
  • Monitoring the formaldehyde concentration within Pir Sohawa Valley, Islamabad by exploiting car MAX-DOAS and satellite observations.
Current PhD-Thesis

  • Retrieval of Aerosol optical  properties over Pakistan by exploiting MODIS, POLDAR, CALIPSO and Aeronet Data
  • Temporal record of tropospheric ozone column density over Pakistan by using satellite observation
  • Investigating the impacts of CO on air quality and its plausible linkage to climate change.
  • Long Term Analysis of CFCs Concentration over Pakistan within framework of Montreal Protocol

Research Publications

1) Khokhar M. F., N. Fatima, N. Yasmin, S. Beirle, T. Wagner: “Detection of trends and seasonal variation in tropospheric Nitrogen Dioxide over Pakistan " journal of aerosol and air quality research, AAQR-15-03-OA-0157,doi: 10.4209/aaqr.2015.03.0157  (in press), 2015
2) Khokhar M. F., T. Khalid, N. Yasmin. I. Desmedt: Spatio-Temporal analyses of formaldehyde over Pakistan by using SCIAMACHY and GOME-2 observations. Aerosol and Air Quality Research,  Volume 15, No. 5, October 2015, Pages 1760-1773,  doi: 10.4209/aaqr.2014.12.0339, 2015
3) Abbas. J. M. F. Khokhar, M. Arshad:  Monitoring Formaldehyde Concentration Over Islamabad Using Ground Based And Satellite Observations. Submitted to Journal of Space technology  JST Vol.5 Issue No.1  ISSN 2077-3099 ( HEC recognized for “Y” category), ( in press) 2015
4) Khan W. R. M. F. Khokhar, S. Munawwar, Yasmin N., M.N. Rajpar, Q. Panhawar:  Assessing the context of REDD+ in Murree hills forest of Pakistan. Advances in Environmental Biology, 9(6) Special 2015, Pages: 15-20,ISSN-1995-0756, 2015
5) Shabbir, Y., M. F. Khokhar, R. Shaiganfar, T. Wagner: Spatial variance and assessment of nitrogen dioxide pollution in major cities of Pakistan along N5-highway". Journal of environmental sciences. JES-D-15-00190R2,( accepted), 2015
6) Munawar Sana, Khokhar Fahim, Atif Salman. 2015. Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation implementation in northern Pakistan. International Biodeterioration and Biodegradation Journal.  Vol(102) pages316-323, 10.1016/j.ibiod.2015.02.027, 2015
7) Zafar M., M. Arshad, M. F. Khokhar: assessment of particulate matter (pm10) and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons levels at various sites in Faisalabad and their potential toxicity. Pak. J. Agri. Sci., Vol. 52(1); ISSN (Online) 2076-0906, 2015
8) Khattak P., M. F. Khokhar, N. Yasmin: Spatio - Temporal Analyses of atmospheric sulfur dioxide column densities over Pakistan by using SCIAMACHY data, , Volume 14, No. 7, December 2014, Pages 1883-1896 ISSN: 1680-8584 print / 2075-1410 online, doi:10.4210/aaqr.2013.12.0357, 2014
9) Khattak P., M. F. Khokhar, S. Khan: Trans-boundary SO2 Pollution detected over Pakistan from satellite Observation during 2004-2012, Aerosol and Air Quality Research, Volume 14, No. 6, October 2014, Pages 1543-1557 ISSN: 1680-8584 print / 2071-1409 online, doi:10.4209/aaqr.2013.12.0361, 2014
10) Khokhar M. F., U. Platt and T. Wagner: Temporal trends of anthropogenic SO2 emitted by non-ferrous metal smelters in Peru and Russia estimated from satellite observations, ACPD doi:10.5194/acpd-8-17393-2008, page17393-17422, 2008
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