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Energy, Air Quality and Air Pollution Control
 Research Group Leader


The group started working in 2014 under the supervision of Dr. Muhammad Zeeshan Ali Khan. Starting with emissions estimation from the light duty vehicular fleet of Islamabad, the group has focused on development of non-noble metal based three-way catalytic converter along with the effect of wash coat on its performance and its thermal management in cold climates. Besides indoor and ambient air quality monitoring and vehicular and agricultural emission inventory development, group has expanded its scope by adding dimension of co-pyrolysis of agricultural and industrial waste.
Research Areas
  • Air-pollution Monitoring and Control
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Energy and air pollution modeling
  • Co-pyrolysis of bio-mass
PhD students

  • Muhammad Nouman (In progress) Particulate matter source apportionment

MS Students –Completed
  • Syed Izhar Hussain Shah (2015) Analysis and Estimation of Vehicular Fleet Emissions in the Islamabad City
  • Muhammad Usman (2016) Efficiencies and emissions comparison and optimization of commercially available domestic LPG cook stoves in Pakistan
  • Waleed Ahmed (2016) Development and performance evaluation of non-noble metal based catalytic converter.
  • Furqan Sabir (2016) Effects of wash coat on performance of no noble metal based catalytic converter.
  • Shoaib Raza (2016) Thermal Management of catalytic converter to enhance its performance during cold startups 
  • Ehsan Ullah (2016) Effects of catalyst loading and particle size on performance of no noble metal based catalytic converter.
  • Laeeq Mazhar (2016) High Performing Visible Light Active Ag3PO4/TiO2 Catalyst Anchord on Alumina Beads for Phenol Degradation
MS Students -In Progress
  • Naveed Ahmad (2017) Co-pyrolysis of sugarcane bagasse and scrap tire in fixed-bed reactor
  • Zohaib Farooq Co-pyrolysis of wheat straw and waste tires in fixed-bed reactor
  • Muhammad Jahanzaib (Development of driving cycle for the estimation of vehicular exhaust emissions and fuel consumption of Islamabad)
  • Bilal Asif (Effect of oxygen storage component on the catalytic activity of Co304TiO2 )
  • Ramisha Azhar (Estimation of emissions from crop residue in agriculture fields: Emission inventory of Pakistan)
  • Ayesha Asif  (Assessment of ventilation system, comfort level and microbial air quality of academic and hospital building)
  • UG Projects- Competed
  • Measuring and Mapping Traffic Noise Level of Islamabad City (2015), Muhammad Ali, Subhan Sajid, Muhammad Hamza Baig, Rana Muhammad Ali Washakh.
  • Design of a Solar Recharge Cook stove (2016), Syed Haider, Mehrnoosh Khan, Najla Shafqat, Zara Azhar Khan 
  • Development of agricultural residue biofuel pellets and subsequent design of a Green cook Stove (2017), Nismah Rizwan, Sara Noor Ehsan, Zahid Hussain
Research Publications
  • Ahmad, W., Noor, T., & Zeeshan, M. (2017). Effect of synthesis route on catalytic properties and performance of Co 3 O 4/TiO 2 for carbon monoxide and hydrocarbon oxidation under real engine operating conditions. Catalysis Communications, 89, 19-24.
  • Shah, I. H., & Zeeshan, M. (2015). Estimation of Light duty vehicle emissions in Islamabad and climate co-benefits of improved emission standards implementation. Atmospheric Environment. 
  • Zeeshan, M., and Kim Oanh, N. T. (2014). Assessment of the relationship between satellite AOD and ground PM10 measurement data considering synoptic meteorological patterns and Lidar data. Science of The Total Environment, 473, 609-618. 
  • Zeeshan, M. and Kim Oanh N.T. (2014). Relationship between ground monitored particulate matter composition and MISR component AODs. Atmospheric Pollution Research, 6, 62-69