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Dr. Yousuf Jamal (HEC Approved PhD Supervisor)
Assistant Professor
Environmental Engineering

National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST)
Tel : +92-51-90854355

Resources Recovery & Recycling in Environmental Engineering

PhD - Environmental Engineering, Texas A&M University, USA



University / Country

Year of Passing



​Post Doc ​​University of Ulsan, 
South Korea
​​2016 ​​Environmental Engineering ​​Resources Recovery & Recycling


Texas A&M University, Texas, USA


Environmental Engineering

 Energy Fuel Development from organic waste & Processing.


Texas A&M University, Texas, USA


Environmental Engineering​

Energy Fuels Raw  Material Cleaning & Catalysis

​Hamdard University, Pakistan. ​​2001


​Bachelor Institute of Chemical Engineering & Technology, Punjab University, Pakistan
Chemical Engineering
Chemical Plant Design

Research Area

1. Cleaner Production Techniques and Resources Recycling for Environmental Protection and Energy Generation.
2. Development of Low Carbon Societies.
3. Catalyst development and catalysis
4. Introduction of Smart technologies for Fossil and Non-Fossil Energy fuels.
5. Separation technologies for energy applications (e.g., CO2 capture, utilization, storage)
6. Water desalination and purification.

Funded Research Projects

1)Funded by USPCase 
Low Strength Greywater Reuse for Toilet Flushing
2)Funded by USPCase 
Fresh Water Generation from Saline and Contaminated Textile Wastewater Using Active Solar Still Coupled with a Solar Pond System


1. Z. Habib, S.J. Khan, N. M. Ahmad, H .M. A. Shahzad, Y. Jamal, I.Hashmi,  2019 Anti-bacterial Behavior of Surface Modified Composite Polyamide Nanofiltration (NF) Membrane by Immobilizing Ag doped TiO2 Nanoparticles. Journal of Environmental Technology.
2. R. Shaukat, S.J. Khan, Y. Jamal, 2019 Hybrid Anaerobic-Aerobic Biological Treatment for Real Textile Wastewater. Journal of Water Process Engineering. 

3. A. Shahid, Y. Jamal, S.J. Khan, J.A. Khan, B. Boulanger, 2017 Esterification Reaction Kinetics of Acetic and Oleic Acids with Ethanol in the Presence of Amberlyst 15,  Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering. 43, 5701 - 5709,  doi:10.1007/s13369-017-2927-y
4. J. W. Lee, S. J. Lee, Y. Jamal, Y. Yun, 2017 Partial slagging coal gasifier operational performance and product characteristics for energy sustainability in an integrated gasification combined cycle system. Journal of the Energy Institute doi: 10.1016/j.joei.2017.05.004
5.  K. Manzoor, S.J. Khan, Y. Jamal, A. Shahzad, 2017 Heat Extraction and Brine Management from Salinity Gradient Solar Pond and Membrane Distillation. Chemical Engineering Research and Design 118, 226-237.
6. Y. Jamal, M. Park, H.S. Park, 2016 Isothermal combustion kinetics of synthetic Refuse Plastic Fuel (RPF) blends by thermogravimetric analysis. Applied Thermal Engineering 104, 16-23. doi: 10.1016/j.applthermaleng.2016.04.151
7. S.H. Cha, J.H. Son, Y. Jamal, M. Zafar, H.S. Park, 2016 Characterization of polyhydroxyalkanoates extracted from wastewater sludge under different environmental conditions. Biochemical Engineering Journal 112, 1-12. doi:10.1016/j.bej.2015.12.021.
8.  J.A. Khan, Y. Jamal, A. Shahid, B. Boulanger, 2016 Esterification of acetic and oleic acids within an Amberlyst 15 packed catalytic column. Korean Journal of Chemical Engineering 33(2), 582-586.
9. S.W. Kim, S.K. Behera, Y. Jamal, H.S. Park, 2015 Optimization of sodium hydrosulfide synthesis for metal recovery from wastewater using flue gas containing H2S. Journal of Environmental Engineering 142(9) doi: 10.1061 / (ASCE) EE.1943-7870.0000984.
10. F. Ahmad, S.J. Khan, Y. Jamal, H. Kamran, A. Ahsan, M. Ahmad, A. Khan, 2015 Desalination of brackish water using capacitive deionization (CDI) technology.  Desalination and Water Treatment 57(17) 7659-7666. doi: 10.1080/19443994.2015.  1037357.
11. Y. Jamal, A. Rabie, B. Boulanger, 2015 Determination of methanolysis rate constants for low and high fatty acid oils using heterogeneous surface reaction
kinetic models. Reaction Kinetics, Mechanisms and Catalysis 114, 63–74.
12. R.Z. Rizvi, Y. Jamal, M.B. Ghauri, R. Salman, Imran Khan, 2015 Solar Pond Technology for Brine Management and Heat Extraction: A Critical Review. Journal of Faculty of Engineering & Technology 22 (2), 69-79.
13. Y. Jamal, G. Luo, B. Boulanger, 2014 In-situ processing of Nannochloropsisoculata algal biomass using a mixed-bed ion-exchange resin as a heterogeneous catalyst. Asia Pacific Journal of Chemical Engineering 9,818-825.
14. Y. Jamal, G. Luo, C.H. Kuo, A. Rabie, B. Boulanger, 2014 Sorption Kinetics, Thermodynamics, and Regeneration for Lipid Feedstock Deacidification Using a Mixed Bed Ion Exchange Resin. Journal of Food Process Engineering 37, 27–32.
15. Y. Jamal, B. Boulanger, 2010 Separation of oleic acid from soybean oil using mixed-bed resins. Journal of Chemical and Engineering Data 55, 2405–240.

Book Chapter

Chapter title “Wastewater Biological Treatment Technologies: An Eminent Approach to Treat Textile Wastewater” (accepted for publication- October 2017).
Book: “Organic Pollutants in Wastewater: Methods of Analysis, Removal and Treatment”


1. Biodiesel Technology workshop, (July 21-25, 2008) Ames IA, USA.
2. Southwest Biomass conference, (Nov 3-4, 2010) Atlanta GA, USA.
3. Young Engineers and Scientists Symposium (Jan10-12, 2011) College Station TX, USA.
4. Texas A&M Energy Forum (Feb 3-4, 2011) College Station TX, USA.
5. Water Environment Association of Texas (WEAT-April 5, 2011) Fort Worth TX, USA.
6. PF&C: Produced Water Treatment, (Oct 26, 2011) Houston TX, USA
7. Growing Texas: Water and Energy in Texas, (Oct 3-4, 2012) College Station, TX, USA
8. International workshop on Membrane Technology and Water Reuse, (Dec 10-11, 2013) Islamabad Pakistan.
9. “Treatment of Inland Brackish Water using Capacitive Deionization” 2nd Conference on Sustainability in Process Industry (May 22, 2014) Peshawar Pakistan.
“Comparison of one and two step esterification method for wastewater sludge lipid
10. Conversion to esters 2nd 3R International Scientific Conference on Material Cycles and Waste Management (May 22, 2015) Daejeon, South Korea.

Spring 2019

  • ​Thermodynamics  for Environmental Engineers.
  • Research Methodology for Environmental Engineers​

Fall 2018

  • Physico-Chemical Processes in Environmental Engineering
  • Cleaner Production Techniques 

​Spring 2018 

  • Industrial Waste Management ENE-422
  • Thermodynamics ME-204
  • Research Methodology RM-898
​​Fall 2017
  • Cleaner Production Techniques ENV-435
  • Health Safety Engineering Management ENE-843
Spring 2017

  • Industrial Waste Management ENE-422
  • Research Methodology RM-898

Spring 2014

  • Energy Resources & Management ENV-427
  • Cleaner Production Techniques ENV-425

Fall 2013

  • Cleaner Production Techniques ENV-425
  • Environment & Human interaction ENV-161

Spring 2013

  • Energy Resources & Management ENV-427
  • Project Planning & Management MNG-301

Total Experience 14 yrs starting 1998 from Industry 

Organizations worked at:

3. National University of Science &Technology - Pakistan  (Spring 2013 - to till date)