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Lab Facilities




 Computer Lab: Computing lab with 50 P-IV work stations is available to access the high speed internet for day to day requirement of research work. All the work stations are connected with central printing facilities. 

Remote Internet Access: wireless network is available to remotely access the internet any where in the campus for authorized users.

Digital Library & E-brary: HEC Digital Library is accessible for faculty &students to access journals, databases and articles across a wide range of disciplines and e-brary is also available to access online e-books. Digital library and e-brary is accessible any where in the campus via wireless internet.

Video Conferencing Facility: Video conferencing facility is also available for virtual lectures.

Digital & Bulletin Boards: Digital & Bulletin boards are connected with network for the publishing of campus news and updates for students and visitors.

Central ERP System: Central Enterprise Resource Planning System is implemented in the campus which is used for the automation of various departments of the campus such as administration, finance, HR, Library, and other related department.

MIS System: Internal MIS system is implemented in the campus which includes student’s information system and IT equipment stock taking modules.

IT Administration & Support: IT support is available during the campus working hours to facilitate the students and staff.