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Frequently Asked Questions

Q-1. What can I borrow with my library ticket?

Ans. You can borrow up to 02 books, One CD or DVD.

Q-2. How long can I keep the items I've borrowed?

Ans.You can keep books and for up to 09 days and CDs for One day.

Q-3. Can I renew items if I want to keep them longer?

Ans.Yes. You can renew most items up to a maximum of two times. You can do this in person, and online. Please have your card and book to hand. If you use the self service facility you will need your user name and password.

Q-4. What can I do if I can't find what I want when I visit the library?

Ans.It may be that the item you want is on loan or only available at another library. Free reservations are available. You can also reserve online.

Q-5. What happens if I don't return items on time?

Ans.You will have to pay a fine for items brought back late of Rs. 10/- per day.

Q-6. What happens if I lose or damage an item I've borrowed?

Ans. Please remember that you are responsible for all items issued to your NUST Card - take care of them and return them to the library on time. You will be charged the replacement cost of any item that is not returned to the library.

Q-7. Do I have to pay to borrow them?

Ans.  There is no charge to borrow books ,CDs ,DVDs and videos.